David Jay Jordan's

                             GO DEEP

                                            [Fishing Testimony]

So far, only twice in my life have I heard the Lord’s distinct audible voice, which is much, much
louder than the still small voice that we can always pick up if we are tuned to Him.
In this instance I was visiting my hometown, in British Columbia, trying to raise funds for going overseas.
I wanted to head out for Australia as my initial jump into being a missionary abroad. My old friends and
acquaintances weren’t of much help, yet I phoned almost all of them.

One rather close friend in the past, at high school and university, invited me to his fishing camp for a day
or two, as there was room in the helicopter for an extra person. It seemed to be all set up.  I could again
renew old acquaintances and probably have one of his twelve lakes all to myself. What an opportunity! Yet
he phoned back later and rather gruffly told me he had to cancel me, as a paying customer had arrived. I
was rather taken back and disappointed, but so caught up in my old thrill of fishing that I just had to go,
despite my old friend's snub.

I grabbed a little rod and funky reel I found and headed down the road towards the local river. Hardly
anyone ever fished in it, right in the middle of the city limits, but I just had to fish somewhere. I hopped
off the highway and down an embankment. There were lots of rocks and very little beach there, as it was
on a curve in the river. Nevertheless with a little balance I was able to do some casting with my heavy
spoon. I wanted so much to catch a fish to show my friend I didn’t need him nor his stupid fishing
camp to still have my old ability to be ‘fisherman’. I was serving the Lord now, and the Lord would
provide for me, I said in my heart. But cast after cast came back without so much as a tug. Besides, the
current was just too swift and I knew I was only skimming the surface.

And then the Lord’s voice spoke and said, "Go deep."  There was that distinct voice again that I had
heard earlier in my "Fishing Dead Men" testimony. But second guessing after I heard His voice, I
thought, "But Lord, I can’t go deep. I have only one spoon, one lure, if I go deep and let the lure sink,
it’s going to get hung up,  and I’ll lose it, and then I’m done for the day, and I’ll probably
never be able to come fishing again."

Yet I shook my head a little and just obeyed.......  and cast it out into the middle of the current. But this
time I let it sink, counting all the way to 20...ha!--which was like waiting for Eternity! It was nerve
wracking, but I must have let it almost touch the very bottom before I started retrieving it…..and, BOOM,
what a hit!  At first I thought I had hooked a log, but when this huge trout surfaced and jumped a few
times, my heart was a-thumping like never before. I struggled with that fish for the longest time and,
because he was so big, I just couldn’t bring him straight in. He was powerful enough to make three
runs away from shore, that I just couldn’t stop, always ending in his leap upwards.

Then I had my chance, and I tried to real in the slackened line. But eventually my little closed-faced reel
knotted up from the tension and loose line, and I had to grab the line in one of my hands. And then the
fish and I battled it out some more. Fortunately by this time he had almost lost all his energy and, hand
over hand, I brought him towards a little strip of sand. I eased him up and then jumped on him with
hands and legs and whatever I could to pin him down.

I had caught my big fish, thanks to the Lord, and it was a total miracle. There 'he' was, measuring even
longer than the 24-inch rod I had used to hook him with! I took him home along the city streets, his tail
dragging along the pavement because he was so big. And all I could think of was what a total miracle it
was. It was all because I obeyed His Voice to "Go deep." I’m sure I would have never caught anything
if I would have stayed shallow.

And I'm starting to understand that the Lord was trying to get me to "Go deep" THEN in preparation for
what He is trying to get me to do NOW--to go deeper in His Word and the WORDS of His prophets and
the WORDS of His mysteries. For then any of us can be better "fishers of men."

In His Service,

Jordan Fisherman
(David Jay Jordan)
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