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Science is not a separate entity or god, it is just the DESIGN of the Laws, Cycles, Harmonics and Principles of all matter living or non living. Here and throughout the Universe. Science
did not evolve or create itself, Science was created at one go, for all time, and has not deviated or evolved from its original pattern or template. Nothing that is made or produced or
created is greater than what produced or created it. The logical mathematical principle is that the pot is not greater than the potter. The potter is greater than the pot, and therefore can
create or design according to their higher intelligence. The pot can not become greater than the potter.

Mathematically speaking,(as science is mathematical, creationism is mathematical, whereas evolution is not mathematical and denies design).

Creator is greater than the Creation.

Creator > ALL of Creation

Meaning the total sum of all Creation still does not equal the power or value of the Creator


All of Creation < Creator


Who was the Creator ?(as many have their man made gods or goddesses .... Evolutionists naming their goddess, Mother Nature, or more simply Nature, or using the word 'made naturally)

Answer the Creator was Jesus


Jesus was God, and equal to God, not less than God, but equal to God. Jesus was the Creator, the Alpha and OMEGA, the Beginning and the End, the Resurrection and the LIFE. Or as
John said...All things were made by Him and without Him was not anything made,.

Jesus was the Creator and made all things from the BEGINNING.

Mathematically making our TOPIC and Principle and Mathematics look like this

God = Jesus = Creator > Science + Laws + Creation

Prove-able, Testable, Repeatable, Mathematical, Logical, Scientific by Design....

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To be fair, lets show evolutionary mathematics...

Evolution is a theory

Evolution =???????

Evolution is unprove-able, untestable, un-observed, and has no mathematical basis

Evolution = non-science = 0

Logic is the Law of Sets, is Mathematical

Therefore Evolution is illogical...il as in ILL

Evolution = non science = non mathematical = not logical

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This thread is on Math and the Equations of Science.... b**************** at TOPIX.

Back to the Math that proves that the Pot is not greater than the Potter... or the Creation not greater than the Creator. For as the Design of Time dictates, even when the Creation gets old,
and [polluted by man (His CREATION) He can start all over again, and reCREATE a NEW HEAVEN and NEW EARTH.

His power is greater than the combination of all things He has created, so that even wehn taking away all Creation, His power is not diminished one iota, and simply RECREATES, as He


#7 Tuesday May 15

The OP equation has survived the test of time.... and no one with any sanity or math knowledge can differ with it... Therefore it shall be deemed and confirmed as a TRUTH from now on.

Evolutionists hate equations and hate math and abhor physics, yet if they learn any science, they can attempt to change this LAW.

But their feeble attempts at semantic denials will NOT be deemed sufficent evidence, or any evidence against this equation

God = Jesus = Creator > Science + Laws + Creation



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God = Jesus = Creator > Science + Laws + Creation