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#1 Sunday May 20

   As already proven ... Science proves that what is invisable to the naked eye, does not dictate that something is not there. Via science, microscopes, spectrometers etc etc etc... we can
deduce atoms, molecules, and an invisable world beyond the sight of the limitations of our human eye.


WE can absolutely prove Design from what we see and can easily measure and observe, and prove Design by Math, Physics, and all the other true Sciences...... but similarly we can
prove or at the very least deduce that spiritual beings are very possible. The human eye can only see 1/70th of the E.M.F. and hence because life is force, and matter... what we see, may
vary..... with what is actually there. Consequently no scientific person can absolutely ascertain that there is no such thing as a spirit world or spirit beings, or ghosts...and alas even whether
or not there are demons.

Theres plenty of secondary evidence and plenty of people that have experienced encounters with another demension...and so scientifically speaking these beings can not be denied just
because a person can not see them all the time or never has seen one at any time. Real scientists have to admit that invisability does not negate spirits and ghost and demons.

Deal with it.... as mature scientists and researchers....




#2 Sunday May 20
This is a SCIENCE THREAD, and not a place for one sentence denials, foolishness of evolutionists, and not a directory of evasive insults from evolutionists. Any such denials and non
thinking will be deemed further evidence of willing intended blindness and stupidity by those deniers.

This is a science question, a SCIENCE RESEARCH THREAD

#3 Monday May 21
According to mathematics and according to the Law of Sets....... because human sight invisability can not be used as an absolute determinant as to whether something exists or
not...THEREFORE no one can say they know ghosts, spirits and demons do NOT exist.

You can say, you have never seen any, or say you don't believe there are any, but you can NOT say or declare that there are no ghosts, spirits or demons. You can NOT state, that you
know there are NO DEMONS, GHOSTS OR SPIRITS or a SPIRIT WORLD beyond your human visual range, just because you deny it or cant see it.
#4 Monday May 21


Visable eyesight range... 1/70th of total EMF

Creationists post science, evolutionists post denials of science



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Ghosts and Spirits are possible because
                                   Invisabilty is Scientific