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#1 May 1, 2018

 Biology labels and gives names to groupings or species or KINDS (much like Adam was employed to do).... So allow me to do the same for evolutionists, as they have explained in their
fantasy theory HEREIN on TOPIX that cell walls came about ..... as bubbles on a windy day in the primeval pas. For therein, they say that these early cell walls could break the LAWS of
THERMODYNAMICS, and organize themselves into LIFE... BOOM, ZAP, MAGIC PRESTO all by luck and chance. Evolutionists saying chemicals and electricity all came together
miraculously in these bubbles, and eventually produced us......

I know it borders on total insanity, but thats what they have written and what they believe. So from their own words and description of where life came from, and how it broke all the rules, we
can appropriately label them the BUBBLE PEOPLE.

Ill give you the HYPERLINK, so you can see it for yourself and read it for yourself.... and gasp at their dillusions and fantasies, even though they write it with straight faces, and then say, we
intelligent design people have no clarity.

#3 May 1, 2018

Heres a BUBBLE AUTHOR HERE... MR *******

Whats your religion 1269

""Have you ever heard of amphiphilic molecules, micelles, catalytic reaction... Life originated from unicellular organisms by circumventing the Second Law of Thermodynamics using the first
principles of physiology, most specifically negentropy, chemiosmosis and homeostatic regulation of calcium and lipids. Did you know that bubbles are formed in countless millions of ways?

For example sea foam can be found on any shoreline, lipids naturally form primitive soap bubble-like cells when agitated in water. Such primitive cells provided a protected space for catalytic
reaction that decreased and stabilized the internal energy state within the cell from which life could emerge.

That cellular compartment permits
circumvention of the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

Eluding that physical law is a essential property of life as it then becomes self-referential, self-organizing, and self-perpetuating, always in flux, staying at pace with, and yet continually separable
from the stressful and always changing external environment which would disrupt it.

In regards to evolution and the manner in which evolution relates to the path from the unicellular to the Multicellular...Evolution is an active process for sustaining, perpetuating and adapting life to
its environment.' End of quote

{Readers, do note that an evolutionist HERE states that evolution can elude and circumvent the SECOND LAW OF THERMODYNAMICS, as that is essential for evolution to accomplish if it
to bring progress and advances via luck and chance.}

#8 May 3, 2018

The bubble people also called evolutionists can not explain how cell walls evolved instanteously and just happened to enclose all the cellular components all by chance.

Praise Evolution, say they. Praise Luck and Praise Chance...

And bubbles came out of the bubble peoples mouths...
Evolutionists are now called.. 'BUBBLE PEOPLE'  
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