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      #1 Apr 23, 2018

 If you didn't know it by now, evolutionists are whoosies and whimps, they are afraid to debate or answer questions or research. They are NOT real scientists as their minds are made
up and they just follow what they have been told to believe. This usually because their jobs in biology are dependant on them staying with their religion of evolution and its hierarchical
demands to them. If they lose faith or deny the faith in evolution, they will perish.

And hence because they are spineless and gutless, they will not stand up against the majority but will do and say whatever they have been told to do or say or THINK....even if it is

They will adamantly believe everything the media and government propaganda tells them to believe, and hence will not research each and every controversy with research. They have NO
background in being able to discern truth from lies. They have no stomach to fight what they are told to think.

Consequently even though, the vast majority of them will never ever admit it,(as they refuse to answer any questions or defend any believe system or hypothesis... or anything)...they are
ANTI conspiracy theorists. They will say there is no proof for anything, what the government says is true..they will say... what the media tells them is true, is what they will say. Just follow
the mainstream and the safe and easy way.....

They have no backbone, no spinal cord, no testicles or ovaries, they are whimps and whoosies and refuse to rock the boat, and just stay in the middle.... They only believe in majority
opinion, whether that opinion is established or not. They mock conspiracy theories.... even if grounded in facts and reality) Their bread is buttered by those that pay them their evolutionary
salaries, so they don't bite the hand that feds them.

Can you hear the.... Can you see their writings below... they mock and make snide remarks because they are unable to stand up for anything. They are followers and not leaders. They are
whimps and whoosies..


You evolutionists are truly the dumbest of the dumb, and the most fearful and evasive of all Gods creatures, because you are so paranoid.

Do you have knowledge of current events and past events, that is different than what the mass media has told you. Do you ever differ with your government on their propaganda. Do you
always just obey those that have the rule over you, just because you are afraid of them and your job might be in the balance. Come on evasive gutless whimpy whoosie evolutionist, tell us
what conspiracy theories that you have researched that have proven to be true.

Was there a magic bullet that shot Kennedy.. ?

Figure out the angles and see if it was possible... And if not, then go deeper and figure out why it happened, and why events are needed to start wars and pass laws that oppress and kill.
Figure something out evolutionists, you say you are researchers, but you never never never come to any conclusions other than the safe majority ones, because you are such whooosies
and whimps. Remember you have not listed one advancement in science that evolution has brought us. Remember no intelligent person has ever studied evolution and its luck and chance
methodogy, to advance their thinking ..... Remember you FORCE your religion on students in schools and universities.

But whatever stay on TOPIC.... learn to answer questions.

Why are almost all of you, anti-conspiracy thinkers. WHY  ?

#5 Apr 26, 2018

This TOPIC confirms that when I say evolutionists are whimps and whoosies, it is based on a fact, that evolutionists just believe what they are told to believe, because their jobs and lives
depend on being obedient to the powers that fed them.

They have to believe in magic bullets, and excuses for wars, and killing. Whatever those in control tell them to believe, they repeat their mantra's no matter how silly and foolish and
unfounded they are. They are deniers, and almost all absolutely refuse to research any current event, they refuse to do the study and listen to the evidence from all sides. Their toast is
buttered on the side where they live and according to the government that rules them and feds them. They are slaves and can NOT think for themselves. Hence they are against conspiracy
theories..... they wont even research if they are true or false.

Consequently this also applies to their religion fo evolution... It is unquestionable, they have to believe despite the lack of proofs. They have to deny intelligence and design, because they
know no intelligence nor design. They are dumber than dumb, but their masters like it that way, and demand it that way. They are dumb sheep to the slaughter....


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