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 #1 Nov 18, 2017

   Hell is boring, and evolution is boring, very boring. It says nothing more than LUCK and CHANCE. It progresses to no laws, it includes no laws, or any mathematics. It explains nothing and
says nothing, and does not inspire anyone to advance or learn. Once you have learned LUCK, you can only learn CHANCE from Evolution. Its a dead end street.

Its only purpose is to take away the glory of God and His CREATION from the Lord. Its a secular religion, that allows people to be devoid of a HIGHER INTELLIGENCE, and therefore
neagte any type of DESIGN from their thinking. But you will never learn anything from evolution.... It answers no questions which is why its zealous followers are so vitrolic when asked
questions, and why they are so evasive when even trying to answer.

Evolution is boring as HELL. Hell is boring and not exciting and not hot, and if you think all your friends are going to be there (as the joke states), then you are sadly mistaken in your darkened
cubicle. Hell is boring, heaven is exciting and new and thrilling... not HELL. Things to do and places to go, and mountains to climb.... evolution leads no where and stunts the mind, and
eventually destroys the body. Evolution will not lead you anywhere, its a golden calf, that will fall.

Sorry, its worth a little time to defeat evolution, but if evolutionists and readers and students want it and desire it, they have been warned about its hellish beginning and END.

Got to go...... places to go and things to do, and worlds to conquer.

Onward Christian Soldiers


#3 Nov 18, 2017

To gain expertise, you dont study a counterfeit or forgery, you study the ORIGINAL DESIGN. To know life, you dont gain any expertise or knowledge by studying the counterfeit theory of
EVOLUTION, you study the design and intelligence of Creationism and true LIFE. You study what is, not the theoritical theory on theories of Evolutionary non thinking fiction. Study
REALITY, study BIOLOGY, study the real deal.

Once you know laws and design then you can easily discern lies and counterfeits. Once you know real life, then you can discern what destroys life.

#5 Nov 19, 2017

    Study science. You will find there is nothing in science that indicates design or the existence of a designer. These are all lies to tempt you into a false belief. They are the Lies of Satan,
belched through the mouth of his Disciple David Jay Jordan.

Yes, creationists study science and learn. Evolution teaches no science and is FALSE SCIENCE. Study math, physics, chemistry, biology, genetics. Go on nature walks, listen to the birds,
study their harmonics, study sound... watch the clouds, study the Lords weather patterns and a spinning Earth...listen to the wind, study and discern the Lords VOICE. Go camping and know
how to exist beyond the safety and comforts of the worldly people, study survival, get real, be real.

Learn study, grow, dont be a denier, and deny creation and life. Marvel at its beauty, study its cycles and inter-dependance. Study chemistry, look small know small. See the stars, study the
stars, know the patterns, know the small, know the macro...

Dont be closed minded and paranoid of opening yourself up. Don't be boring as hell, know something. Dont be as fearful as those in hell. Get out of it, wake up from your stupor and know the
Lord and life, and get inspired and do something..

Evolution is borng as hell, just as evolutionists get boring as hell....

#51 Tuesday May 22

The fools, try to suggest Hell will be fun. They try to say, that it will be a social gathering of all their friends. They try to suggest ****** that Satan is in charge.

1. Hell is not warm... its cold as hell, and its inmates are naked and chained... as they have too think about their past actions and hellish behaviour

Again Read and study http://www.davidjayjordan.com/MorphineDoctorinHell...

2. They don't party in Hell, they party in Heaven..

SEE and study Wedding Feast of the Lamb that lasts 45 days of drinking and dancing a PURE LOVE FEAST, where we can drink and eat whatever we choose.... cause we choose the
Messiah of ALL, the BRIDEGROOM JESUS, and He makes the best wine ever...

3. Satin is in Hell thrown into the Lake of Fire and He is not in charge of the Hell He created, He is chained and loses all power, as the evolutionists god is a mere man.



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