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#2 Nov 10, 2017

  Evolutionists dont have to be racists but the doctrine of evolution is definitely used by nations around the world to either consciously or subconsciously back up their war mongering for greed,
or shall we say survival or selection for viability. . Evolutionists or hit and miss-ers, dont usually run for political office because although talkers and into semantics, as good politicians are mere
talkers who tickle the ears of the majority. Evolutionists basically stay out of the field of politics, or power mongering, and stay tucked away in a field of so called science where only their fellow
religionists or evolutionists understand the supposed true meaning of their religion, I mean supposed science. At least this is what they say.

But again, certain races, whether Jewish or those against the superiority of one race over all the others, like Hitlers racism, adopt evolution as their guiding light, so they can inbred...(which they
did, with youth camps of free sex, as long as they reproduced) so as to produce a pure line, and superior branch, or race. Hitler also helped the purity lineage via the extinction of all other
species or kinds of humans, via annihilation of not only the lower economic Jews, but Gypsies, and homosexuals, etc etc...

Similarly, and to do deplorable damnable worldly nationalistic patriotic leaders of their supposed superior race, adopt a religion that supposedly verifies their superiority whether Churchianity, or
extreme Islamic doctrine, etc etc etc. If that doesn't work, like in the Western world today, they use propaganda to suggest that other religions like Islam are basically evil and all in that religion
are less human than they.

Hence they get one race hating the other, or one lifestyle hating the other, or one color hating the other..... as their backup doctrine, consciously or subconsciously is evolution and a supposed
furtherance of survival of their kind, using war.... or the survival of their fittest. The opposite true and lasting doctrine is love that we are ALL EQUAL, and that no minor variety of humans is any
better or wrose or more advanced than their brethren, whether now OR in the past. We are all the same, EQUALITY. Our human race has not evolved now or ever has.

The deplorable, easily misused and applied horrendously doctrine of evolution teaches that there has been a progression or advancement from apes to now..... this unscientific, racism does try
toshow that the human race is supposed to be advancing, rather than being static and equal in the past, in the present and in the future..

Evolutionary doctrine is racist, true Christianity and religions based on love of all others is not racist.

Love wins, equality wins... racism loses and ammounts to a basis for war and killing. Evolution is a losing doctrine of inequality.
The Lord is the GREAT SCIENTIST as He created SCIENCE and ALL LAWS and ALL MATTER and of course ALL LIFE. God is the Great Architect, Designer and
Mathematician.Evolutioon is not mathematical and says there is no DESIGN but that all things came about by sheer LUCK.

#4 Nov 12, 2017

 You know evolutionists are losing a debate when they have to resort to a personal attack rather than defending their personal theory of evolution. Evolution teaches a separation of the original
species to another species or another race. This can not be denied, it is the basis of so called evolutionary advancement.

Hence this separation of the human population into more so called advanced races from supposedly less advanced, less evoluted races means we are divided into two groups, one more
advanced than the ohter. With this false theory and false separation, and false hierarchy in our minds, the nationalistic political leaders of any race or nationality can use this false theory to
substaiate and convince the supposedly more advanced race or culture or evolved being into fighting and KILLING the less advanced species or race or nationality.

Debate over. Unless a sane rational objective evolutionist can explain why their evolution theory helps make all people see each other as equals rather than as less evolved species and KINDS.



#15 Nov 14, 2017

 Yes, but fatness does not make a new species or KIND, otherwise over-eatng Americans and their proclivity to fatness would be making a whole new species or KIND...... or a supposedly
new mutated fatter species. Color, fatness, un-used brains, etc etc....are not signs of a new INBRED SUPERIOR HUMAN RACE. Anyone can get fat, from over-eating, playing video games
and lack of exercise in just one generation

#60 Nov 25, 2017

Now we are told that evolution isnt even a doctrine. Its getting way too insane to debate those without brains who just deny deny deny..

Evolution is a theory.... it is a doctrine of words, and imaginary artists conceptions that form a supposed diversification of one KIND to a new KIND, a superior KIND, a better KIND.
Applied to the human KIND, this means evolution teaches via its doctrine that NEW KINDS OF HUMANS or PEOPLE
appear, and are different than their original KIND or RACE. This making HUMAN RACES DIFFERENT from each other, making it easy to pretend that one RACE is BETTER than another.
This allowing any and all races to tell their race that their enemies are inferior and they need to exterminate them. This proven by history and current events, making evolution a racist theory, a
racist doctrine.

Claim verified over and over and over again..Confirmed TRUTH..

But the deniers will come and deny... Tooo late

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