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#1 Sunday May 27 2018

  If you haven't read current events because you think everything will magically get better with high technology, allow me to wake some of you UP.

Robots with artificial intelligence are now available and being bought by the EU for deployment against the enemy..... 200 million $ worth. Which enemy, what enemy,? Any
enemy they program the robot to fight and kill. Pick a race or culture, and the robots can without mercy, conscience or feelings just kill and be totally on their own after
deployment. This being the perfect survival of the fittest and most violent fulfillment of evolutionary selfish love and selfish dogma..... Kill others to survive and prosper.

See and study

For they say with robot soldiers, the citizens of that country dont have to fight and die and we can just send off our robots to kill others. Right now we can do that with drones,
but usually they are guided to human targets or wedding parties by someone a few thousand miles away in a mountain top safe location back home with the comforts of home.

Similarly evolutionary dogma and philosophy seems ready to also send out clones, that look human but lack souls.


IE, they weigh less than us, normal humans that have a soul and a conscience. It also being noted that they can now pretend to be a relative, wife or husband of someone by
using the exact voice of that relative, to deceive the intended target.

So this is what high tech brings us. For as mentioned evil worldly wisdom is always used for death and destruction, and deception rather than for good. Evolution being its key
religion of choice as it has no principles, no love, no boundaries, no discernment, no depth, just manipulation and death.

Creationism brings life and love. Evolution brings human soldier robots, clones and DECEPTION and DEATH

#2 Sunday May 27

  Apparently DARFA is also working on flesh eating robots, that aren't run on batteries but fed on biomass on the battlefield. What biomass is laying around on a battlefield,
dead human bodies,

NO problem say soul-less, conscience-less evolutionists, dirt going back to dirt, means all biomass is fair game as long as we, humans are employing human eating robots to
kill our competitors, so we survive and the other bastards die.

Evolution is the perfect religion for moral-less scientists who are just trying to make a buck, for the elite that are just trying to control every last detail of the human race.

Thank God, prophecy dictates their demise before they destroy the whole world and we get a new CHANCE in the Lord's Millenium.

#3 Tuesday May 29

  This is not something new.... Montauk Project at Montauk Long Island..... Nazi Germany ... preFlood..etc etc..

All had the purpose of creating soul-less robotic soldiers, to help kill the other dam bastards or kill whoever.

For the military like evolutionists have no boundaries, and no morals. Torture and pain are just precursors as they use them to enrich themselves before the final death of their
targets, also called people or c**********

Evolution is the perfect and ideal religion for soul-less scientists and military and government officials.

#4 Thursday

  Yes, Christians are right again, and the heathen are getting worse and worse..... with AI, robots and their blood lust.


JOY...MIT Scientists use gruesome content and created a psychopath Artificial Intelligence which now has a blood lust
[link to news-avclub-com.cdn.ampproject.org ] As it turns out, one guaranteed way to make a machine turn bad is by putting it in the hands of some scientists who are actively
trying to create an AI “psychopath,” which is exactly what a group from MIT has achieved with an algorithm they’ve named “Norman”—like the guy from Psycho.

This comes from Newsweek, which explains that the scientists exclusively fed Norman violent and gruesome content from an unnamed forum page before showing it a series
of Rorschach inkblot tests.

While a “standard” AI would interpret the images as, for example,“a black and white photo of a baseball glove,” Norman sees “man is murdered by machine gun in broad
daylight.” If that sounds extreme, Norman’s responses get so, so, so, so much worse. Seriously, it may just be an algorithm, but if they dumped this thing into one of those
awful Boston Dynamics dog bodies, we would only have a matter of minutes before Killbots and Murderoids started trampling our skulls. Here are some examples from the

#5 June 2018

  And as Jesus stated.... the End Times will be the worst and most violent times the world has ever seen....... Killing drones, killing clones and killing robots along with nuclear
bombs, biological weapons and every conceivable weapon imaginable.
Evolution gives us Robot Soldiers and Soul-less Clones  
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