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Tell us how light energy enters into E equals MC squared if you think you can.

Then I,Davidjayjordan responded

#3 May 22, 2018
Jim, evolutionists dont know math or physics as they have not studied science only their religion.... and it relates to nothingness. Light speed, It's one of the basic speeds created by the Lord as
a boundary, and below it we are in time, and the direction of time, above it we are in TIMELESSNESS also called ETERNITY. Evolutionists dont know the template of design called the Golden
Section, and so dont know the pathway to creation, called the Golden Section or PHI spiral.

They dont know energy because they think they can violate the second law of thermodynamics via their god of evolution, and wait for their god to organize things better and better with just
sheer luck and chance. They do not know about the FSC....... and the LINK between the spiritual and physical. Matter of fact that dont even believe in the invisable realm of EMF.
They hate almost everything excerpt their religion which they force oin the easily intimidated and the worldly. Because evolutionist religion is the basis for new weapons of destruction whether it
be GMO food or new diseases. As long as it gets them a pay check, evolutionists are alright with their so called progressive work fagainst humanity. Why because they have no morals, and
have no LOVE.

All these concepts are written about HERE at TOPIX... and can be studied and read and researched and proven.

Evolutionists can not answer any questions, only ask more and more questions because they themselves are air heads and empty, which is why they are rightly called BUBBLE Heads. Bubble
heads because also they think bubbles turned into cell walls and created life. They are irrational and believe in magic and so dont think they have to answer any questions or have any answers.
Hence they resort to insults and semantics rather than discussion and debate.

#5 May 23, 2018

The answer to your query is mathematical, and therefore has to be solved by the squared circle, or as the evolutionists hate the SQUARED CIRCLE as it is the geometry of the Lord..... in going
from straight geometry to curved and living geometry.

It deals with both PHI and PIE
As the circumference of a square when blown out EQUALS the circumference of the Circle which has received the BREATHE OF LIFE. This is not figure-ative but has to be exact.

Its not just a mass, but an extremely small addition of mass called the soul, has to be added to the living geometry, to make it a living body with a living soul.

This also being applied to give it life..... for a soul as we found out does have a small mass, and goes back to its maker at light speed when death to the body happens (SEE Souls have weight

#7 May 23, 2018

Light travels at the speed of light, and that is the barrier between the material and the spirit world.
E = mc2 is the equation between flesh and spirit. The spirit world operates beyond the speed of light as it is in ETERNITY where there is no time....

Whereas our world of material and matter is governed by the speed of light, as time progresses and as we age, and the 2nd Law of thermodynamics applies..... for its called the Direction of

If we go beyond the speed of Light, then we get into the future.... and we have gotten into the RELATIVITY as Einstein stated because of Einsteins Law which is actually the Lords Law
(because scientists never create laws they just discover them). But no propulsion system can get us through the barrier of light speed.... except PHI, as its spiral and PHI magnification keeps on
going, while retaining properties and alignments. Rocket propulsion, nuclear propulsion etc etc... do not work... only the correct ratio works and keeps on going despite the small size or small
velocity. Its multiplication, or more precisely PHI multiplication...

PHI can break the light speed barrier...

#8 May 23, 2018

Understanding this, size dimension and divine speed magnitude of light symbolized by 'c'

'c'2 or light speed squared, is an area, the speed of light times the speed of light...that makes a square and is a product of c, for a square of a distance of c.

That distance can be seen in our own Solar System as light speed is the distance across Earth's divine orbit to the other side. times 1,000 seconds.

10 to the power of three ... but the digital number is 1 (times the time factor of 1,000)

This explained HERE


#9 May 23, 2018

OK, before you say, who the hell do you think you are to figure out light speed and souls, and the solar system design and atomic design, and relativity.... I would say why not. Because it is
surely not because I am brighter than anyone else, for I am not, but I have studied the right subjects and understood the principles that apply. I have followed the Lord scientifically and
mathematically, and do know PHI, Sacred Geometry, Mathematics, and studied after University Graduation, and after being a Missionary on the field for twenty some years, and conversed with
others online for almost twenty more years..... and so even though I have a poor memory, I have written down these concepts and am in position to know more, via the Lords secrets than
those that study in seminaries and cemeteries of man.

For the beginning of wisdom and knowledge is the Lord....

#10 May 23, 2018

Note to self.... check Harmonic Comma's value with FSC, and Capstone value

#11 Jun 14, 2018

RESEARCH THREAD.....  E=mc2  In other words, it takes a massive amount of energy, to form mass, because mass is multiplied by the square of light speed.  (Selah..... but Bla*******
stated correctly that an atom was the same design as the Universe.... the vast distances between nucleus and electrons are the same as the ratio of emptiness between the mass of the Planets
etc... both designed by the Designer in a specific balance)

Cross reference this with the truth of light speed across our Solar System, relationship with a PHI PYRAMID  http://www.davidjayjordan.com/Tabernacleofthe ...  And then when you consider
c2.... it seems like the area of a circle PIE (r2)  In other words, the distance to the capstone of the SUN, is the square root of PHI (1.272) ratio with light speed.  Meaning a squared circle using
the Sun at the center, would make a SQUARE of 1x1x1x1  (And the Lord could breath life into the SQUARE...or into Earth, as it travels around the SUN/Son)

Is the capstone in the right proportion.. Yes..its 1/56th of the total distance....meaning Yes the Suns diameter of 880,000 miles is 1/56th of 93,000,000 miles  c2 is light speed times itself, the
same as a distance measure of two sides of the SQUARE. Hence the amount of ENERGY to create MASS might be determined by the geometry of the Solar System and the Lords geometric
balance.. same as in an atom....  

As above, so below...same ratios, same phi balance  Consequently c2 can be a function of Earths exact distance from the Sun, that gives us the perfect amount of heat, and that total area can be
a determinate when multiplied by the exact amount of mass needed or allowed according to the weight scales of the Lord.  Both in souls and in body mass and in material mass.  Just some
thoughts...  Research goes on

#14 Jun 16, 2018

Cross reference, this with the discovery that souls have weight.  Souls being mass, and light being an area of a phi ratioed body distance light travels in.... and you see that energy from the
Creator does have a graphic expression and probably the exact equation.  Bla^^^^^^^^^^ y stated mass in an atom is the same as mass in the solar system means there is a mass distribution ratio
in atoms and heavenly bodies or lets say heavenly atoms.... or solar systems.....  

Discussion ended there but shall get back to it, if time permits... its missing Post #8, and hyperlinks of explanation from my website, and a conclusion and summation. Yet had to save what was
written, before it disappears.

    E = mc2
Creation versus Evolution
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