Don't Be Political
   Don't get into politics, don't become politically oriented. Its a con, its a counterfeit, its a ruse. Politics is not the answer, neither is a political man made
system the answer. Politicians are not gods but only human and have clay feet. Politicians are NOT concerned with helping their people ((even though there
may be one or two that start out that way)). For they soon realize, that the powers that be outwardly, are controlled by the POWERS that be which are
steadfastly inward and unmove-able.. The rich would never give up their power peacefully and willingly because of a true vote of the people. Thats not
human nature, the powerful won't willingly give up their power.... never ...

   Democracy is a sham, it was intended only for a population of around 5,000 (SEE Greek History). In massive countries, people can't possibly know who
they are voting for unless that politician has bribed them with promises in their speeches. People are not concerned about others for the most part but only
themselves, so they are easily manipulated and controlled.

   Those that secretly control the LEFT also secretly control the RIGHT. The New World Order has only one party, and that's the elite, whether you call
them the ILLUMINATI or not. There is no Christian Party, as Jesus is NOT on either side, whether Liberal or Conservative, whether Labour or

  Neither party or no election will ever save you, or bring back sanity, order and love, or any vestige thereof. Don't put your eggs in the political basket.
They are not to be trusted, they are man made illusions. Work like crazy for your neighbors and those helping others, but don't let political associations into
your heart and soul. No group makes it to heaven.

   No organization and no political affiliation is going to save you. No nationality, or specific patriotic zeal is going to help you when meeting your MAKER.
No passport will get you through the gates of Heaven. The Lord deals with you ONLY as an individual, and what you have individually done and not done in
your life.

The Lord is not Nationalistic

    Similarly no religious grouping or church or synagogue, or mosque membership has validity with the Lord. He sees the heart, and judges you according
to your deeds and words from theheart.

1 Samuel 16:7
But the Lord said unto Samuel, Look not on his countenance, or on the height of his stature; because I have refused him: for the Lord seeth not as man
seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart.

    And if you can also handle it, your parentage or heritage is not a determining factor. You are responsible for your own actions, no blood linage can
make you sacrosanct or better than any other person and their heritage or lack thereof on Earth. The Lord is not a 'groupie' looking at your group
credentials...only individual faith helps or saves you. FULL STOP. He has no favorite group or race.

   So don't start parading around if your so called good candidate wins an election or a seat of power. Politicians soon become only interested in the perks,
pleasures and power. They learn quickly that it is only a game, and their places of power are determined not by voters, but by their connections behind the
curtains. Almost all men and women can be perverted and compromised by the promise and acquisition of power over others. No race, gender or political
affiliation is exempt or different. We are all, created equal except by the Grace of God when we reject power, as the evil it is. Power corrupts, and corrupts

   Only love succeeds and empowers, as it is HIS LOVE that frees and liberates rather than imprisons and enslaves.

   Choose LOVE not POWER