Possible Dates and Events for the Last Seven Years

  These correlated with the Time Frames of Daniel and Revelation, (7 years, 2300 days, 1335 days, 1290 days,1260days, and 42 months)
as well Holy Day correspondence.  I will put in hyperlinks to reasoning and scriptures.....

  Right now, as of October 2020, there was a COVENANT has not been SIGNED by ten nations. However a type of Deal of the Century was agreed upon by Bahrain, UAE, and
Israel (3 nations) which could very well be the start, and basis for others to join the infamous ten nation COVENANT or Last Seven Years. The pandemic and planned famine, could
change that, and make others more agreeable by force, and so called opportunity. Therefore let me leave the time line intact until it disproves itself. If true however, the Daily
Sacrifice or preparation for the 3rd Temple,START would confirm these projections of exactness...... if happening on the signpost of April 16th of next year...2021.

  Nevertheless, the basic and standard time frame and time line of Daniel still stands solid and true...

September  2020
April 26,2021  daily sacrifice
                 2300 days  til August 13th, 2027
Sept 11, 2023   Nuclear war
January 31, 2024 enter temple....
                               One month.... 1290--1260 equals 30 days
March 1,2024  FRIDAY FLEE
Feb. 14, 2026 to July 13, 2026
     5 months
July 13th 2026    
 year, month, day
August 10th 2 witnesses deaths   ( 9th of Av.. August 11th  destruction of temples 1, 2 )
         3.5 days
August 13th 2027
     45 days     1335-1290 days equals 45 days
      Rapture   1260 days after March 1, 2024
September 21, 2027   FRIDAY
October 1 Rosh Hashanah  45 days after Death of 2 witnesses
October 10, 2027 Day of atonement
Dates and Events through Tribulation
David Jay Jordan