David Jay Jordan's

 Darwin admits Catastrophic Events
              like 'The  FLOOD'

Amazingly, Charles Darwin who invented the 'Theory of Evolution' had to admit that what he saw in his travels and
studies indicated a catastrophic event that changed the face of the Earth. And even though his geological bible was Lyell's
insane Theory of Uniformity or 'no cataclysmic changes ever happened. He did state the following in admitting that a
worldwide flood and a dividing of the earth could have caused all the resulting fossils find that have been discovered

But let's check it out from Darwin's own words with mine in parenthesis______ (..).


It is impossible to reflect upon the changed state of the American continent without the deepest astonishment. Formerly it
must have swarmed with great monsters, now we find mere pygmies, compared with the antecedent, allied races. (Exactly
as the water layer above the Earth caused a green house effect below and moderated temperatures causing Garden of Eden
conditions and an explosion of plant and animal life before the Flood. SEE
Worldwide Flood and Noah's Ark)

The greater number, if not all of these extinct quadrupeds lived at a late period and were the contemporaries of most of
the sea shells. Since they lived, no very great change in the form of the land can have taken place. What then
exterminated so many species and genera ? (Notice that Darwin just can't explain the annihilation of so many plants and
animals all at once, according to the  theory of uniformity. Something cataclysmic happened in the past that created the
fossil record that shows devastation …. The Flood and the Dividing of the Earth  SEE
Earth Division in the Days of Peleg)

The mind is first irresistibly hurried into the belief of some great CATASTROPHE: but thus to destroy animals both
small and large, in southern Patagonia, in Brazil, on the Cordillera of Peru, in North America up to the Bering Straits,
WE MUST SHAKE THE ENTIRE FRAMEWORK OF THE GLOBE" (And that's exactly what the Lord did, although
Darwin and all his evolutionary scientists afterwards have continued to fight the obvious and the rational fossil record

 For Darwin goes on to say "No lesser event could have brought about this wholesale DESTRUCTION, not only in the
America's but in the ENTIRE WORLD. (because the Flood of Noah was not a local flood but a worldwide FLOOD of
catastrophic proportions)  It could have hardly been a change of temperature,  which at about the same time destroyed the
inhabitants of tropical temperate and artic latitudes on both sides of the globe. (So here Darwin is ruling out the insanity
of a slow onslaught of an Ice Age, but concluding it had to have occurred worldwide quickly and cataclysmically and not
over eons of time as evolutionists are so prone to suggest)

No one will imagine that a drought  â€¦could destroy every individual of every species from Southern Patagonia to the
Bering Straits. (How in the world is Darwin and the evolutionists in the future ever going to explain the fossil record and
this massive destruction unless they just overlook it. They won't be able to tell them it was a drought, a temperature
change. What will Darwin think up to explain such irrefutable evidence that he has seen first hand in his journey's?)

What shall we say of the extinction of the horse ? Did those plains fail of pasture ?
(Darwin concluded ---)  Certainly, no FACT in the long history of the world is so startling as the wide and repeated
extermination of its inhabitants"  (which Christians rightly call
God's Judgments)


So let's stop this insanity that no cataclysmic events have ever occurred here on Earth, and pretend that 'all things
continue' as they always have from the beginning of some nice sweet Big Bang explosion that just happened by accident to
create everything in perfect harmony.  The Uniformity theory is just as 'bogus' and unscientific as the theory of evolution
which is built upon it's back, and Darwin admitted cataclysmic change, and true scientists know it happened, and yet the
devoid evolutionists try to evade this fact and forget it, and become willingly ignorant of
True Science and the fossil record

And this isn't '
In My Opinion'
but according to the RECORD

David Jay Jordan

Quotes directly from Charles Darwin's,
Journal of Researches into the Natural
History and geology of countries Visited
during the Voyage of H.M.S. Beagle Round
the World under the date of January 9, 1834.
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