The covid crisis destroys the middle class, as they are a threat to the elite class, of the super rich. The super rich, knowing the PLAN, are enriching
themselves via this economic ploy and are getting richer than ever, even while the poor and middle class will be starving and dying.

    The stimulus checks are supporting the economy right now, (2020-21) but this money does not come without a cost. The money comes from the
Central Banks of every country in the world, as their governments are forced to obey WHO orders, quaranteens, policing, hospitals etc... Normal
programs will be deleted, because eventually the national coffers go empty. They will no longer be able to pay the grocery bills for the whole country, or
give aide to other countries. The super rich will suffer, very little because they own the big corporations, and their end goal is total control, not mere
monopolies. They want it all not just a huge chunk of the economy and  riches. They can wait a few years for their total enslavement of the reduced
population. They don
't need that many worker slaves to cater to their wishes and greeds.

    The Central Banks can print up more and more money and give it away because they are owned by private individuals, the elite. They are not federal or
government banks. They print money, or if you like
, they are counterfeiters that print money with no gold or silver backing. Its paper money and is only
worth what people believe it is worth. The dollar fiat money makes the tax payers government assets in each country indebted to the private owners of the
Federal Reserve Banks or Central Banks. The debt can not be paid off, and so the interest rate alone, ensures the countries can never get out of debt. And
as the bible says, the borrower is slave to the lender.

    The NWO has to bankrupt the economy which they do via lockdowns, and meanwhile indebt these countries with covid bills, and relief free money. But
it all goes eventually back to the elite owning real property and more of the wealth.

    Stimulus checks, keep the economy going, the economy is owned by rich corporations , whose stocks are owned by the elite. But once the government
is decimated its stimulus checks the aide, and the poor countries will starve just as with their own people who begin to starve because of so called stimulus
checks and covid expenses, its start going broke... and can no longer give food aide to poor countries then the pressure from within gets too strong. For
example Yemen a very poor country who had a government change to a pro people political party, or rebel party as their rich enemy S***** states.....

    Yemen then gets labeled a terrorist organization, and can no longer get humanitarian food aid. Thus more famine begins, and the rich refuse to help the
poor, even though the rich caused the problems for the poor. Aid stops flowing to the really poor countries, and their people begin to starve. Labelling is a
con, sanctions kill, labels kill to hide real intents. All must submit. One way or another. Rich and the elite, hide their motives and motivations...... behind
double speak. All must have the interconnected secret Central Banking Systems, all must spend on Covid, all must give out stimulus checks to the poor,
until they are absolutely broke and at the mercy of their lenders whether a Central Bank, WMF, IMF, etc...  Money is power, and assets of each country
flow into the hands of the international elite.No country and stand without their support,

    And then when even private citizens through their RESET can no longer hold any assets or possessions, the elite rulers will allow them to live, and get by
survive as slaves with the bare essentials if they sign away their rights in a RESET. For the poor, think they can at least live another day and survive, as non
essentials. Covid is a tool to impoverish and scare normal people into giving away their rights and property for the chance of living another day, even if they
go into enslavement

    What a man wont do to save his life. They'll do whatever, sign whatever, and yield their arms for whatever, as long as they are promised some more
days of life. At first, they won't run around the streets protesting and rebelling, but after the pains of starvation hit, they will start to, even while looking like
literal zombies. The rich will hide out and wait out the cullings,deaths and suicides... until the depopulation schemes do their dirty work.

    But the poor will goon, the brave still go on, to the COMING OF THE LORD. Vengance is mine saith the Lord. It is not ours. We shall not take
vengance on the wicked. This is not our time, the Lord will be doing that for us. In our patience, possess, we our souls.Do what you can for others !!


Covid Economics, Stimulus Checks,
Famine, Enslavement, Depopulation