Why in the world does the Lord require that there not be steps up to his ALTAR OF SACRIFICE. Why did He make that the 11th
commandment. NO STEPS but a ramp ? Why must this ramp angle upwards at exactly the Christos Angle ? What is so special about
this inclination and why is it so powerful ? These questions surely have to be answered if we are to repeat the power of the
Tabernacle Ceremony and the Spirit of the Lord in the most sacred of all rituals or ceremonies in remembrance of HIM ? Its called
Communion or CUMunion when the Bride and Bridegroom become one, by drinking His Blood (Wine) and eating His Body (Bread).

Also consumed at the altar would be some of the meat offerings, and the drink offerings (libations of wine) were poured out here. All
sacrifices had to be "seasoned with salt" (Leviticus 2:13, Numbers 18:19)

Why is this slope or angle so important ? First, notice his small slope or ramp towards the Altar of Sacrifice.
http://www.returntogod.com/jerusalem/temple.htm w.the-tabernacle-place.com/tabernacle_articles/tabernacle_brazen_altar.aspx

Now consider the geometry of 2 to 1 units that make the Christos Angle, or it is the same geometry as the Holy Place compared to
the Holy of Holies.... a ratio of 2 to 1.  ChristosAngleAltar.html

This ratio being the Womb of 1 to the Holy Place that is double the size. Its multiplication, it is obediance graphics to the 1st
commandment to be fruitful and multiply. The Christos Angle is the exact angle of the Grand Gallery upwards in the ascending
passageway of the Lord's phi pyramid of Giza. His prophecy in stone.    ChristosAngle.html   This is the angle between His
monument of stone to His Birthplace Bethlehem    ChristosAngleBethlehemGizaandSex.html ChristosAngleBethlehemGrail.html

This is our angle of descent when we go to Petra in the Endtime       ChristosAngleDescenttoPetra.html
And this is the angle of His descent with us right behind Him when we all descend to Armegeddon    LionKingDescends2017.html

So this very special angle of multiplication and simple geometry has to followed when we do our ceremonies of love and unity on the
altar of sacrifice. And by now, you should know what that entails and IS. Its Christian Magick, the ultimate sacrifice of our bodies
before HIM, represented by us in copying the ultimate. That's real Communion.

Consequently I would say, if we are ever ready to this in the right spirit and the right way we would have to try and have a slope
upward of exactly 26.3 degrees or a right angle triangle of base 2 and height of 1 so that it creates a Christos Angle to the Altar.

What would the platform size be. Well, the ultimate circle is suggested to be 9 feet, which probablies allows the ultimate number in
the inner circle to be 12, with ONE in the center (Jesus) and therefore why wouldn't the ultimate Altar of Sacrifice. (We sacrifing all
we have for Him, not in dying but so that we can live for HIM..Romans 12 etc.) be just like in the Original Tabernacle Design.

5 cubits by 5 cubits or 7.5 feet by 7.5 feet which creates a diagonal of 10.6 feet or a squared circle that has a diameter of 9.55 feet
We might be able to make it 2 cubits high or 3 feet high as was the original, as that is a very convenient love making height, if you
know what I mean... so why not as we are the living sacrifice !!!

Romans 12   1I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy,
acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.

Yet the ramp upwards would merely have to be an ascending small ramp at exactly the Christos Angle. Not that hard to construct
and do when the time is right !!!

And the prohibition of being clothed while walking up the ramp, would surely be nullified, because we would all be kings and priests
unto the MOST HIGH GOD.... JESUS.      NakednessonRamp.html     As we approach the Fire on the Altar of His LOVE           

That's what I think as to why the Christos Angle is needed to approach the Lord. We can do it by faith in prayer, but in the physical,
it was done via His sacred design so why not again in compliance to the ORGINAL. As before so again, as above so below !!
Love in Jesus
David Jay Jordan
Christos Angle to Altar of Sacrifice
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