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   Believe it or not, some Christians are evolutionists, because they get intimidated into believing in the moral-less religion of evolution. Their jobs depend on it, and so they dont fight the
unscientific doctrines of evolution and just yield to it, for advantage sake. They dont know why evolution is suppose to be true, and they have no explanations for it scientifically, and they can
not discuss it or carry on a debate concerning it..... just like regular brainless evolutionists.

And hence because they are afraid of the attacks by these fools called evolutionists, they say NOTHING when evolutionists stop discussions and debates they are losing. Evolutionists are the
most foolish people on the planet. Yet because they are so out of control, these mobs of evolutionists put fear in the hearts of whimps and whoosies. Here at TOPIX, whenever a specific topic
arises that evolutionists can not discuss or debate, they turn to one line foolishness among themselves. WHY because they are losing and have no depth and no science...and cant win.

Evolutionists are losers, and make Christian evolutionists losers. These shallow Christians will not bark at them for their outrageously immoral and foolish posts. Even evolutionists that try to
defend evolution run away and hide from their fellow evolutionists when they turn into a mob. Evolution is mob mentality and is not based on any science, only on INTIMIDATION and

Creationist's win again. Intelligence wins again..


As mentioned and as is proven by the posts of evolutionists HEREON, Christians will not try and stop the rude arrogant foolish and fraudulent and vile postings of the rude arrogant, name
calling and vile postings of their confederates called the heathen evolutionists. Why, because they are afraid of them, and afraid of losing their standing in the evolution community and
extermination from their biological or teaching careers. If must be subjective and not objective, they can not have morality and go against their congregation of evolutionists and so run from
them, and hide in the woodwork.

They can not defend evolution and do not know any science that backs up their religious evolutionary belief system just as the heathen evolutionists have no scientific backing. Hence when
faced with the perfidity and stupidity and foolishness displayed by their heathen counterparts, they shut their mouths and have no response against their out of control foolishness and vileness,
mockery and their total lack of morality of any kind.

The heathen evolutionists absolutely hate discussions and debate, as they know they only have one line denials. Thats it. They only have intimidation and force as with their captive students
they brainwash into accepting the evolution doctrine of asteroids hitting dinosaurs, etc etc etc... behaviour mutational change...random lucky chances of recombinations that break the laws of
thermodynamics, etc etc....

Evolutionists are desperate religionists who act just like politicians and priests, in thinking they have control over us. Real thinkers break away from their grasps and study and search and
THINK, and gain wisdom and intelligence through the Lords principles and sciences. He created them and the laws of the Universe... Evolutionists are whoosies and fearful and just downright
stupid and foolish as, is evidenced by their lack of answers, and abundance of foolish remarks and downright fraudulent

Christian evolutionists are half baked intimidated whoosies, that lose their morality, as they refuse to speak up against the atrocities and dementia of their new religion of evolution.


In other words, Christians if you have been forced and intimidated into the belief system of Evolution, it will eat at your soul, as there will be consequences in your moral standing as you will
have to stand by and listen to evolutionists berate you and any Christian truths you know. Your faith will decline and you will not be strong in the principles and laws of the Universe, let alone
the in the FAITH of your Saviour ...if you have in fact accepted HIM

Evolution is not scientific and is not explainable in biology or any of the SCIENCES. Evolution did not create anything, let alone the laws of the Universe. It is not mathematical and does not
follow the laws of PHYSICS. It is a CON and a huge deception, engineered to keep you weak and dwindling in faith and courage. You will lose your morality.

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