Canadian Roadmap for Planned Pandemic Events
The ROADMAP issued by the Government of Canada Planning Committee is as follows:

1. Progressively establish a second lockdown on a continuous basis first in the metropolis and then in the suburbs by November 2020 accelerate the
construction of the isolation / quarantine camps by December 2020 the exponential increase in cases and deaths is expected by the end of November 2020 (

2. A second complete and total lockdown much more severe than the first, for the end of December 2020 and the beginning of January 2021 The reform
and transformation of the unemployment benefit system for the transition to a universal income, expected for the first quarter of 2021 this will serve to make
you slaves of the system and completely dependent on it and certainly not to make you live, introducing digital currency and therefore with prepaid cards

3. The planning of a mutation of the fake COVID-19 virus with another FAKE virus called COVID-21 that will lead to a third wave with a much higher rate
of infection and deaths, for February 2021 the "new cases" of hospitalization for COVID-19 and COVID-21 and if they don't find them, they will create

4. Improved lockdown restrictions called third lockdown will be implemented with the total travel ban also between cities and countries, second quarter 2021
The inclusion in the universal income project, for the second quarter 2021 The planned interruption of supply chains and stocks, with great economic
instability, expected for the end of the second quarter of 2021

5. Deployment of military personnel in metropolises and main roads to establish checkpoints and limit travel, in the third quarter of 2021

6. Parallel to this program, there has been talk of an unparalleled economic transition in which to force citizens.

7. To compensate for the international economic collapse, the federal government will offer a cut in debt, personal debt, loans, mortgages, thanks to the IMF
as part of the global debt reset program, in exchange citizens will forever lose their private property of any property and will have to participate in the
COVID-19 and COVID-21 vaccination program thanks to which they will be able to travel even in full lockdown with a health pass for Canada. The same is
true for all countries of the world.

8. Committee members asked who will own the confiscated assets, and what will happen to the lenders: the answer was only that the IMF's debt reset
program will take care of all the details. Absolutely nothing.

9. Other members wondered what will happen to citizens who refuse to participate in the IMF World Debt Reset and the Health Pass, and the response was
that the members of the Committee must come up with a plan to do everything possible to prevent it from happening.

10. Those who refuse will live indefinitely locked up, and those who refuse the World Debt Reset program will be considered a public health risk and will be
locked up forever if they do not accept the debt cancellation program. (End of Excerpt)


Fulfilled exactly til now, supply stock chain now being
If it looks like a plan
And is being fulfilled as a plan
Then pandemic must be a PLAN and not a mutation or an accident
David Jay Jordan