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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Christ ProErotic members and may your members have a happy satisfied year as well in 2015.

Please post whatever you feel inclined to write, as heaven knows you must have ideas, questions or research leads, or something going on, in or on the
home front.

Meanwhile as `a sort of moderator' HERE, who gets bored with inactivity when we aren't progressing... allow me or excuse me if I venture further with
some new research, or new confirmations into the deeper biological spiritual realm of sexual healing, sexual rituals, sexual biology chemistry, and the

We have touched on them before, but many of you (maybe 90 percent) probably have no idea about the ultimate Communion of Cumunion. So either
look the other way when reading, or study the basics and hop aboard the research and development train of foreplay to the climax.

It can start with a study of mono-atomic silver or collodial silver and its benefits in killing bacteria and viruses (More later on what I have concluded from
direct useage) and then over to gold and into the human body and our pituary and pineal glands during sex and afterwards. It will involve geometry,
mathematics, medicine, history, biblical references and hopefully tried and proven methods that WILL help immunize us for the future and present tense
PHYSICALLY and SPIRITUALLY including mentally.

Gulp... Yes, you may have to believe to receive.. Gulp, as believe means to drink in, and we all will have to drink in to believe and show our faith.

All aboard.... one or two or three or more....


Men sleep after sex

davidjayjordan   Dec 31, 2014

Seemingly mundane ho hum topic, but I was researching melatonin and serotonin secretions from the male and female brain glands of the pituary and
pineal.... and ran into these interesting articles..

Why do guys get sleepy after sex? » Scienceline        

For many women, the correlation between sex and snoring is one of those annoying facts of life: no matter when passionate encounters occur, men always
seem to ...

""Secondly, research using positron emission tomography (PET) scans has shown that in order for a person to reach orgasm, a primary requirement is to
let go of “all fear and anxiety.”"" Let go and let God, have faith and trust as you fly high.....

""Then there is the biochemistry of the orgasm itself. Research shows that during ejaculation, men release a cocktail of brain chemicals, including
norepinephrine, serotonin, oxytocin, vasopressin, nitric oxide (NO), and the hormone prolactin."""" Men release serotonin, Hmmm..... the pituitary
releases serotonin, lets remember that ....

Delete from your mind, any evolutionary excuses any authors anywhere give, as if evolution developed the intricate beautiful and hormonal cycle of sex,
and sexual chemistry. Its absolutely ludicrous, and yet they drop off such sentences without hesitation and of course without explanation.


Women lose abdomen fat with regular sex

Dec 31, 2014

We all gain some weight (or at least most of us with age) but one of the best slimming ways or exercises to lose it .... is sexual activity... Drop these article
off to associates or partners or your loved one if it may help them lose a few New Years Resolution pounds.

Five unexpected health benefits of orgasms - Chatelaine

We all know orgasms make us feel great, but Natasha Turner is here to show us how they can also help us sleep more soundly, prevent abdominal fat and
ma...      Sex also makes us not desire food afterwards..... meaning again less calorie intake and less fat. Oxytocin reduces our stress levels, so we don't try
to fill up on comfort food to supposedly relieve our stressed out lives.

""" Enjoy an enhanced sense of smell
An orgasm also releases a hormone called prolactin, which causes stem cells in the brain to develop new neurons in the brain’s olfactory bulb (or smell
centre). In women, prolactin is known to surge after sex, during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

While research shows that the magnitude of prolactin-increase following intercourse is 400 percent greater than that following masturbation, you can still
reap the benefits on your own. Remember, the greater the prolactin surge, the more satiating the orgasm."""

Women and smell..... they love candles, they love perfumes, even though they sometimes try to mask the natural smell of a man or a woman when the
natural can be the most alluring (ask Napoleon)

And like in the previous hyperlink, here the penus senses the difference between masturbation and the real vaginal climax, in this article the woman also
has different climaxes between mere masturbation and the real male-female mating climax....

Similarly other evidences show that women absorb male hormones that fight depression if they mate with males and recieve their sperm....

OK, lets starting piecing some of these  hormones together, especially melatonin and serotonin..... and enjoy the research ride as will research
along the way should connect up with other research from years gone by, and other areas and from our own experiments...... also called sexual experiences.

Nothing like reliving the past, Ha all for science sake !!!


Holy Grail Background LINK and Brain Gland Secretions with SEX

Dec 31, 2014
This was the starting research LINK that reignited another venture into our sexual rituals and need for unity in the ENDTIME

Bloodline Of The Holy Grail - 2

    Its hard core, DEVOID in most aspects, especially when talking about the Lord, King David, Adam and other biblical events. So milk and toast and
non serious readers, you have been warned. Its wording is treacherous, but within are truths, that are hidden and which they try to keep to themselves,
and away from the true CHILDREN OF GOD, from Adam throughout history til NOW for we have need of these truths in the near future and onward.

As sort of a summary, maybe start HERE and read all these articles of mine


As the Holy Grail in short contained the blood of the Lord which transforms us, by HIS BLOOD and SACRIFICE of dying for us. We are saved by
drinking His BLOOD.. Remember this absolute BASIC.    Know Jesus first and foremost...

 The Grail is or was a cup, but in the spiritual and biological, the cup is the womb, that carries the seed and gives life. Sex is a parallel of spiritual truths,
and a physical manifestation of truths that reproduce us, as well as keeping us strong and vital and virile. Enough said, digest the latter parts of this
original devoid LINK of Sir Laurence Gardner, who was or is an actual devoid one...... but noting the sexual chemistry which they attempt to use and have
attempted to use to make themselves wiser than us dumb sheep, but by the Lord's discernment we can be and SHOULD be and WILL be wiser than
they, stronger than they, more immune than they.

As we continue on into the most sacred of all rituals, or ceremonies, COMMUNION.... not to the dark side, but to the light side.......
In darkness we can see the LIGHT (Jesus), we can communicate with HIM (the Son/Sun), for we are the most highly technological computers and
devices ever possible. The human body is by design, created to be able to hear from and send messages to HIM.



Neuron ganglia centers, chakra's, and kundalini (sexual energy rising)

Jan 1 12:37 PM

Remember the Lord designed us after His own BODY, His own design. Everything about us and our bodies is by design, infinite exact and perfect. So lets
look at this web page, but always retaining our Christian perspective and truths concerning our bodies and our sacred temple that has a MASTER BLUE

Scientific studies on vibrations, Physical Centers and Spiritual Centers, Chakras or Plexus, Kirlian Camera  

Morality and Philosophy Essay. Chapter 1 : Scientific studies on vibrations, Physical Centers and Spiritual Centers, Chakras or Plexus, Kirlian Camera

Actually you can scroll down to FIGURE 1 which is the truth about our neuron connections in our spinal cord.

Ha, showing the 33 vertebra


Follow links for more details, and see the divisions of the body by the Golden Section of the Lord...starting at our base center, our sexual nerve endings in
our sacral nerve ganglia..... this is the start not of Kundalini, or snake power, as the dam snake or devil created no power but tries to steal the Lord's sexual
power as if the dam devil created it. He did not...


And do read this original link, as its science is really quite good, and explains a lot of physics beautifully... Never be afraid of true science.... for as it even
says there

Men find God behind every door the science manages to open.

Einstein was a believer, and knew by experience and science and experimentation and logic that there was laws and there was order.... and he found
God...... sadly he may have never have received Jesus, but the Lord showed him so much about the real world.



PS) Forget the mis-aligned tantric, and yoga, and other off shoots and dementia when you spot it. Have discernment, know the science and see the design,
and then you can get your kundalini rising, or better said, sexual power and enlightenment, when based on your base energy all the way upward...

The yogis can't and never will, but those with the true Lord Jesus, can....

Do your part and study and shew yourself approved unto God and HIS DESIGN.

 Continue on with discussion and conclusions

Brain, Glands, Giza, Pyramids,
Mono-atomic Gold, Pineal Activation
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