The Lords Prophetic Timing follows His dictated 3 Holy Day Harvest Festivals, of   Pesach, Shavout, and Trumpets.

These coincided with the literal harvests of barley, wheat and grapes, because of course the Lord created these crops to feed mankind and their harvest times were set by design to match
His lunar calendar for the Year.  SEE
120 Days til Harvest

For it was expected that His followers and His people would honor HIM by giving back to the Lord at these 'Festivals'. The first fruit sacrifices of giving back what the Lord has given. Its
not a demanding commandment or harsh dictate but a way of giving THANKS, knowing our very existence relies on His Grace and MERCY as our Creator and Provider.

 Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone... The
Crucifixion, This our start as the Lord died for us, and yet rose again by coming to life, as a seed
springing out of the ground.Afterwards the Christian events that co-relate to these harvest festivals of the Lord are

Barley,  50 days is Pentecost,
Pentecost meaning 50              SEE Counting the Omer
Wheat is 120 days,  the
Return of Christ after 4 months      SEE 120 Days til Harvest
Grapes is 165 Days..til the Grapes of Wrath are harvested                                                          163 days in above graph comes from  this LINK  Passover to Rosh Hanah
Battle of Armageddon                              SEE Revelation

Compare these days and their exact counting of days .... via the time frames given by Daniel the prophet....7 years, 2300 days, 1290 days and 1260 days
David Jay Jordan
Prophecy Time Lines
Holy Days Co-relations with Future Prophecy
     70 days
Daniel's Time Frames starting in 2018
Interestingly close...... time will tell...lets count the days and our days and use them wisely..


Pentecost 2019
June 9th