David Jay Jordan's

33 Masonic Levels to Ecstasy

Let me, attempt to go over why the Masons use some of their
seemingly wierd terminology and strange rituals and relate it to the Lord's
truths and our divinely created bodies Masonry, of course is from the dark
side even though they got much of their knowledge. from the Early
Templars who were Christians,

And to start with the reason they have 33 degrees or steps or ranks in
Masonry is because they want to parallel, our 33 vertebrae that they call
"Jacob's Ladder". Its sexual in symbolism as our bodies have been designed
to reach bliss or the ladder to heaven thru sexual ascension of energy up our
spinal columns. (SEE
Stone of Coronation) And so this is the sacred river, up
our spinal cord that they talk about.

Therefore  in their rituals, when their initiates climb the ladder (spine) "to the top of the mountain" (brain), they allude
to entering a domed room with a hole in the floor. This room, physiology speaking, is our frontal-lobes where our memory
wisdom resides with the hole being the spinal cord coming up through from our nervous system below. The Jewish sages
called this the 'plane of reflection,  or the third eye level, For it is at this level, where our divinely created skull sends out
and receives messages  (SEE
Crystal Skulls)- They sometimes will also  refer to the  pine-al gland as the"the tail of the
dragon" with a finger-like extension at the end called a "holy spear", much like the tail of a rattler . The Pine referring
to the phi spiral of a pine cone….as the pineal gland is phi magnifying which is why it is powerful. (SEE
Phi Graphics and
our Bodies) (Pineal Projection)

Their Masonic Trinity, or "triune man", is considered the brain, the heart and sexual organs - each symbolized by one of
the first three degrees of Freemasonry. Because although they pretend to be religious, their real god is man himself.

The "spine-al" column, they will sometimes refer to as "the Serpent".For even though they are aligned to the spiritual
serpent, they in this case are making reference to the spiraling fire that arises up thru our spinal column. Visually they
can represent this as a Magician's Wand, or, Sceptre. Or as the winged staff of  Her-me's ..... twisted around it winding two
serpents; one black - one white.  This parallel to Moses serpent he put on the end of the pole for healing.

The sexual life force being called Kundalini, as it is also called in the Hindu and
Tantric traditions. It joining the brain
with the sex organs thru the spine (a shape-shifting pine) which connects them. So if you run into any of their terminolgy
you will know in essense what they are talking about, because it is sexual in nature, and relates to how sex can be

But the only problem is that they are aligned not to the Lord that created our bodies, and who wants us to love Him, but
they are worshipping and serving themselves and ultimately the great counterfeiter and deceiver, Satan. So even though
in many ways they are relating to truths, their truths, and half truths, and outright deceptions don't lead to the TRUTH -
JESUS, but to a lie.

Nevertheless, our 33 vertebrate spinal columnis rather important to remember as it directly relates to the '
of our bodies and the literal music of the Lord we respond to....

In My Opinion

David Jay Jordan

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