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33.33 Hertz, Pineal Gland, 111 Gateway
When I wrote about 'Absolute 33 hertz'  it was actually just an approximation of 33 hertz rather than the exact frequency. This
because 33 hertz was the Christ Consciousness Frequency and the Resonant Frequency of quartz crystal or the Frequency within a
PHI designed pyramid (such as New Jerusalem). But an approximation just isn't good enough, so lets go further and see if we can be
more exact, and see if THEN, the correspondances match up more exactly.

For when viewing this watchers.com website, they had the latitude of Mount Herman, where the sons of gods descended at 33.33
latitude and 33.33 longitude. Please SEE  This made me wonder if the exact figure of 33.33 was more exact than merely 33 hertz.
Frequency, of supposedly 7.83 Hertz with the 111 hertz Gateway. 111 Hertz had to be right, but twisting and turning numbers of 33
hertz to cohesively and precisely match up to an octave of the Earth's Resonant Frequency seemed like manipulation, rather than an
exact match SEE **************************

So then I ran across this article...... in my research and discovery from

4.1 Effects of ELF Magnetic Field Exposures on Human EEG Activity
Preliminary study by Cvetković et al. was conducted to investigate whether the ELF magnetic field of 8.33 Hz could effect the
EEG activity in 8 subjects [35- 41]. The preliminary results indicated substantial changes in specific bands, which encouraged
further experiments with multiple sinusoidal extremely low frequency (ELF) (50, 16.66, 13, 10, 8.33 and 4 Hz). Linearly
polarised magnetic flux density of 20±0.57 μT (rms) was applied to the human head over a non- continuous period of 12 minute,
to determine possible alterations in the EEG rhythms on 33 human volunteers [16]...

What we do know about the brain is that it has its own crystals "calcite crystals" to be exact in the Pineal gland. I authored a
thread on the topic with much more info than I can include here. Suffice to say this is a fact and there are pictures to prove it

Calcite crystals in the Pineal Gland

Now as I explain in the the thread the fluoridation of the pineal gland stops its "natural production of calcites"
and replaces them with "calcium fluoride"

Calcites = good
Calcium fluoride = bad.

So the Pineal gland produces calcites and these crystals are floating in and connected to the walls of the pineal gland.
There is also a fluid withing the pineal gland which is part cerebrospinal fluid which is highly electrically conducive.

Consequently envision a crystal radio in your head with the pineal gland as the tuning fork and the Schumann resonance as the
field in which these signals are transmitted through.

I just picked one of the resonant frequencies. 7.83Hz has a longer wavelength, 38,314 km.
how many miles is that