Creation versus Evolution Discussion Threads
List what words of Jesus (the Creator) you Evolutionist hate...        
SEX did not Evolve
Evolution gives us robot soldiers and soul-less Clones...         
Evolutionists are now called.. 'BUBBLE PEOPLE'        
Impossibility of a Perpetual Motion Machine means Evolution Impossible...     
Thank God, Evolutionists don't Reproduce         
Altruistic Behaviour negates the Theory of Evolution
Beauty is the Lord's Golden Section        
Evolution is an ANCIENT RELIGION       
Evolution is boring as Hell    
Energy equals MC squared        
Hawaiian Volcanic Eruptions and Prophetic Cataclysmic Events..
Evolutionist theory helps create man made Diseases       
Ghosts, and Spirits are possible because invisability
God = Jesus = Creator > Science + Laws + Creation  
Invisability is Scientific... the spirit world ...        
The Design of Time is Prophecy and is Absolute ...    
The Human Brain did not Evolve..
Ring of Fire Volcanoes explained Biblically
Every new born baby, the same as Adam and Eve     
Souls have weight .. 21 grams Experiment        
Richard Feyman writes that God wrote the Fine Structure Constant...         
T.O.E. and Unified Field Theory Mathematically ...   
Einstein said, He wanted to prove God'... and did.
Christ can be proven !      
The Green Revolution of False Science has failed
Evolutionist explains how Evolution breaks the ..
Darwin admits Catastrophic Events..... like the Worldwide Flood
Womans Birth Cycle absolutely Proves Design and...       
Evolution is a Racist Doctrine
Evolution teaches and promotes VIOLENCE      
Post your Bible Science Verses that show Evolution...
Illuminati Elite never studied 'Evolutionary LUCK
Almost ALL Evolutionists are Anti-Conspiracy Advocates..         
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