Decoding Lost Symbol
Why 6.5 degree Offset of Kings Chamber ?
The Great Pyramid of the Lord, has its King Chamber offset 6.5 degrees from center, whereas the Queens Chamber is directly
below the apex or capstone, the question is WHY ? ? This is written about in Masonic mystery writings. SEE

So the question is why is this important. What difference does it make. The Masons dodnt give the answer, but we as the
Lords people should be able to comprehend the design of the Lord. For "Yes', the 'Phi Pyramid' shape of Giza is astounding,
miraculous and precise ... so why did the Lord offset the Kings Chamber, rather than having it directly above the Queens
Chamber and on the central axis of the Golden Section Pyramid. Why ?

Graphics, again from  ..

  What does this mean or infer, well according to sacred geometry, the geometry of space, time and physics of
creation. A round sphere is stable and equally filled when based or grounded within or on a 'dodecahedron'. It has
twelve faces of perfect pentagrams, or five pointed stars, with vertices with 120 angles between ley lines or ridges
or edges.

Consequently a vertice, has 3 - 120 degree lines running into it, making a 360 degree circle. See below, as I
drew the Earth in red around the dodecahedron, showing how a 30 degree latitude would be a power point, or
touching point of our dodecahedron point below the Earth.

SEE or

  Are you starting to see the Lord's Design ? The damnable Masons wont teach you the fear or respect for the
Lord, but seeing His 'Design' will give you an awe and wonder for his exactness, that is not beyond finding out, but
possible to find out !!

Proceed to PART 2, to understand, why the Kings Chamber is 6.5 degrees
offset...... so as to create a phi spiral.... that via the Lords scalar energy produces
a carrier wave with DNA phi design that achieves instant messaging and instant
trans-location abilities...... all because there has to be a 6.5 degree offset.

How great is our God and greatly to be praised !!!

               PLEASE PROCEED to PART TWO .....         Why65degreesoffset2.html
To the left is the  Earth's Blueprint,
with the tilt angle of 23.5 degrees
given to our axis by the Creator.
This also meaning the ecliptic plane
or solar system's plane of planets,
is at 23.5 degrees. Notice, also that
the Kings Chamber from the South
is also at 23.5 degrees from the
southern slope of the Great
Pyramid. Yet the apex or capstone
is another 6.5 degrees offset. Why ?
Aha, theres our first clue, from
the diagram on the right. The
Great Pyramid lies on the 30
degree latitude, or 30 degrees
from the equator's right angle to
our North Pole and our spinning
axis or rotation.
   Overlook the feeble attempt of the dark side in trying to take credit for the design of the Earth, or Gaia. Therefore moving
on, and using our God given brains to decipher the 6.5 offset's importance, we have started to establish the necessity of Giza
at being located on the 30 degree latitude, not the 23.5 degree latitude (of the Tropic of Cancer or Capricorn), but the 30
degree latitude. But to cement this truth, please read completely a godly Christian design website by James

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