David Jay Jordan

    Shofar and  Voices bring down the

            'Walls of Jericho'

To begin with, we know that modern archeology
has verified Biblical accounts as true, including the
'falling down' of the Walls of Jericho. It is not hyped
up fiction but a literal fact that the Israelites under
Joshua, their commander in chief, crossed the Jordan
and supernaturally defeated the walled city of Jericho.

But how did they do it ? Well the Lord gave Joshua instructions directly, even carrying a sword upon their meeting.
(Joshua 5). He told Joshua to carry the Ark of God, preceeded by seven priests blowing 'shofars', around Jericho once
each day for six days, and then on the seventh day, circle it seven times and blow one long blast of their shofars,
signaling the soldiers to shout with all their might against the walls. This they did, and of course, thru obedience it
worked and the 'Walls of Jericho' came a tumbling down. And yet it seemed they didn't just crumble or shake themselves
down but were pushed outward.

http://www.answersingenesis.org/home/area/magazines/docs/v21n2_jericho.asp ) Kenyon's work was the most
detailed. On the west side of the tell, at the base of the retaining, or revetment, wall, she found, 'fallen red bricks piling
nearly to the top of the revetment. These probably  came from the wall on the summit of the bank [and/or] … the
brickwork above In other words, she found a heap of bricks from the fallen city walls! An Italian team excavating at the
southern end of the mound in 1997 found exactly the same thing.

Many web-sites miss this point as they speculate that an earthquake from the Lord shook them apart. As is the case ...
following. " What caused the strong walls of Jericho to collapse? The most likely explanation is an earthquake. But the
nature of the earthquake was unusual. It struck in such a way as to allow a portion of the city wall on the north side of
the site to remain standing, while everywhere else the wall fell." (SEE  
html )

But an earthquake makes no sense whatsoever as that would shake the Lord's army as well, and his priests including His
Ark, which obviously is never going to be put on shaky ground. So how did the Lord bring down the stone walls and the
brick mud walls in the inner wall of Jericho ?

Well that's easy to answer in my opinion because the Lord of Creation and Science knew the capabilities of the 'Shofar
and that of his created beings … us humans. (SEE
Made in His Image ). There is power in sound. Right ? Right !! For
consider that even the Tibetians using a semi-circle beating drums and blowing trumpets could levitate stones away from
their focal point upward to a designated higher elevation (SEE
http://www.crystalinks.com/levitationtibet.html ). So the
Children of Israel in obedience, yet obviously not knowing the physics of sound, just obeyed and created a total circle
around the Walls of Jericho and shouted with all their might. Ha, for they were instructed by the Lord NOT to even talk
for a whole week before they unleashed their voices against Jericho. And when they did boom, the walls exploded
outward from every side, and fell flat, so that their army could walk 'up' the embankment and into the city without
obstruction to total and complete victory.

Joshua  6:20 So the people shouted when the priests blew with the trumpets: and it came to pass, when the people heard
the sound of the trumpet, and the people shouted with a great shout, that the wall fell down flat, so that the people went
up into the city, every man straight before him, and they took the city.

And like the Tibetans, the Lord's army had their trumpet called the 'Shofar'. But the 'Shofar isn't just any man-made
trumpet, it was created by the Lord via the sacred Phi template (SEE
Golden Section and your Body). It was a Ram's phi
Horn that could not be altered with internally and hence it gave an exact phi sound. t what is Phi you ask, well simply
put phi is a multiplying ratio that keeps its proportions and qualities even as it expands and magnifies, making it
POWERFUL by its very essense. It is the sound of God, (SEE
Shofar the trumpet ) which is why His people were to use
the Shofar for different gatherings and purposes including the sounding of the alarm for War. It has power !!

So at Jericho on the seventh day, the Shofars from seven priests that carried them circled the Walls, BLEW while their
large army encircled the city. And then simultaneously the men shouted, this causing sound waves to meet at the center
of Jericho, and its my belief that the simultaneous trumpet and voice waves collided in the midst of Jericho and exploded
outwardly pushing Jericho's walls outward. For this is the way modern archeologists have found these stones laying. The
pressure within pushed them outward rather than an earthquake shaking them downward and miscellaneously strewn.  
But there was an exception, if you know your Bible history, for Rahab, the righteous prostitute, was promised protection
by Joshua and the Lord, and so her house on the North side of Jericho, between the walls of the upper and lower slopes,
probably in the slums of Jericho, was untouched. This archeologists have also noted, because the north wall was intact.
So all the walls of Jericho came down except on the North Wall.

For again check
The German excavation of 1907-1909 found that on the north a short stretch of the lower city wall did not fall as
everywhere else. A portion of that mudbrick wall was still standing to a height of over two metres (eight feet).4 What is
more, there were houses built against the wall! It is quite possible that this is where Rahab's house was. Since the city
wall formed the back wall of the houses, the spies could have readily escaped. From this location on the north side of the
city it was only a short distance to the hills of the Judean wilderness where the spies hid for three days (Joshua 2:16, 22)  
then their first complete circle would bring the priests and the ARK back to the North Wall, and hence seven complete
circles would do the same.  When the 7 Shofars were blown at the Walls, surely their sound would have prevented the
outward explosion of sound from the center from coming back against the Northern Wall and towards the priests and the
ARK. Why because again the Lord always protects His ARK and always keeps His Promises in protecting his own, which
meant Rahab and her family.

In my opinion. ... David Jay Jordan

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