Virgin Light at Sunrise
The question is .....Why is a ceremony at sunrise so important ? Why should we get up so early, and gather before the sun rises, to witness its rising
? Why did the ancients, obey and observe this timing ? What difference does it make ?

The answer is, I don't know for sure, except that at sunrise, the beams of light from the Sun are direct. Once they get over our local horizon, they
have not been defracted or filtered or deflected, they are in essense... VIRGIN LIGHT. They are all aligned and heading straight at us, and over the
markers or stones and directly into our eyes.

The Lord is like the Sun, for He is the Son, and has His Tabernacle

SEE Tabernacle of the Sun/Sun

 So is there a connection between the pure unadulterated direct sun rays into our eyes, at FIRST LIGHT. Do we get re-engerized by Him from
witnessing His Rebirth of the Sun/Son. I would say Yes, it must be a physical and spiritual moment all at once.

 For NO man has seen the Lord at any time, so says the Bible...and yet our New Testament brethren saw the Lord when He was HERE, and Old
Testament brethren saw the Lord many times in dreams and in prayer, and in mountain tops, and burning bushes, and in 'breaking bread' together in
tents. So sometimes we can see the Lord, and even some have stated they can look at the Sun without ill effects, and with actual beneficial ones.

At sunrise, the harsh ill effects of radiation and ultra-violent light, don't seem to hurt our eyes at all, so that we can literally look at the Sun, at its
rise for about one hour. If our hearts and minds are centered on honouring the Lord of Creation and not just a body of flaming gases, why couldn't we
be receiving real communications from His direct LIGHT right there at Sunrise.

He said, He was the 'Light and the Resurrection of Life', so why couldn't we honor the resurrection of the Light in its Daily Cycle or Course. I mean,
we have been doing so, at Sunrise Services on Easter Sunday (or Monday) for eons as Christians. That never hurt any of us, so why not do it also on
the Cycle of Life of the Sun, at Solstices or Equinox's in honor of the Son.

We are not worshipping the stars, our hearts are directed to the Lord. so why NOT ? The Solstices are a turning point, when the Sun is returning or
turning back to its cycle. They are a time when the Lord's Tilt of our Axis on Earth, dictates that
the Sun can not go further in its ECLIPTIC JOURNEY above us, or near the horizon...and will be returning to bring us NEW LIFE with a NEW

 So these virgin rays of light strike very special stones, arranged in circles to capture these light rays from the rising Sun.
So much like a circle of crystals because of their hexagonal cross sectional can capture light within their structures

SEE Capture the Light Graphics

  And supposedly can make these rocks or stones sing, in vibration...... piezo-electric effect of energy turning into vibration turning into harmonic

SEE Rocks Sing  F sharp in Giza

All these light rays coming at right angles into the stones at maximum capacity and pureness without deflections or defusions. Pure Virgin Light
caught internally within crystalline pillars, circled to keep the light within its circles and within its stones.


In our eyes,and into our crysaline pineal receptor glands, and through our crystaline skull and brain and spines to our base on the Earth, connecting
us with

Virgin, meaning unadulterated, never been

Can we see the Lord at Sun Rise, can it change us ... YES. If our hearts are right.. and we do what we can.

They being light beings..  Travel at the speed of light... and faster
Apparently angels are light beings composed of l;ight, So if we have similarities with them, why wouldn;t we also be charged or empowered by light,
the most pure time of day at sunrise, and be filled with light...  If our eye is single, then our whole bodies can be filled with light as Jesus said.

Light overcomes the darkness, so maybe darkness is more than just darkness but an actual condition that mist be defeated by the Light as Thoth

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