Because you asked ... Just wish someone would come forward and share their experiences in a One-Loving true worship ritual,
that is, worshipping in the nudey format of a true church.

Let me be a little more blunt and more specific, even though I have said this a number of times. The ultimate ritual is CUMunion,
the exact same thing as Communion in a clothed church, because it is us accepting the Bridgegroom's body and blood.
Simply put, it is the naked Bride of Christ who gather to celebrate and remember what he has done for us, and to be empowered
by Him. The ritual or ceremony starts with singing and praise, and is lead by the pastor or minister, or representative of the Lord.
He is NOT the Lord, but only represents HIM as the Bridegroom. This being the ultimate archetype, the Bride receiving the
Bridgegroom. Nothing is more sacred, as it is life itself.

The Bride is represented by a female member, who gives up her BODY in sacrifice to her Bridegroom. She is the LIVING
SACRIFICE, the BODY of Christ. Before all, she strips and lies before her King of Kings represented by the High Priest. He
enters her and makes love to her, and climaxes within her, to give His SEED. This being called His BLOOD, His WORD.

In the dark side falsely aligned rituals, this is called the Red tincture, whereas the female produces the white tincture... For
together, the sexual ejaculate or sperm given into the pussy of the female is gathered along with her ejaculate or star fire she has
added, and that put in a grail or cup for all the congregation to drink. For then they will all drink of the same cup.

They give THANKS and PRAISE the Lord of LORDS. They do NOT worship sex, but the Creator of Life and Love, the King of
Kings and Lord of Lords, their Husband and Bridegroom. They THEN, love each other, in lovemaking euphoria till all are spent
and satisfied. That's the ultimate ritual, the ultimate communion, as it is a CUMunion. Not a play on words, but a love feast with
a purpose that brings all together through what they drink.

There is no other sacred sexual ritual, all are off shots of this basic ultimate ceremony. For to be powerful, it has to illustrate this
greatest of all events ever to take place. The King coming into His Queen, the MARRIAGE SUPPER OF THE LAMB, when the
Lord shall literally take us for 45 days and make love to us.

So there, you be Brad and Tess, even though you have fallen silent in never posting what you said you desired. And there you be
newbies, and old timers, the Ultimate RITUAL, which will knock your socks off, and cause you to rent your garments and run if
you are NOT grounded in the principles of the Lord's LOVE and SEX.

Therefore leave now, and run from this group now, if this is too strong meat for you. !!!!
David Jay Jordan
Ultimate Ceremonial Ritual
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