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  The great thinker and electrician and inventor, Vladimir Tesla, stated that there was something magical and powerful
concerning 3-6-9. But his paperwork and explanations were all destroyed by the evil authorities who absolutely resisted the
installation and useage of FREE ENERGY from the Lord's created Earth. WHY, you ask? Simply because they wanted and
lusted after control of people's lives, through controlling their energy source. Charging for power has made them rich and hence
the bankers and politicans etc.... could keep indebting and making slaves out of the workers.
    So allow me to take a logical, mathematical, and spiritual attempt at trying to figure out 3-6-9..  HERE we go .... FIRST
consider this standard graphic of 528 hertz and the nine frequencies around it. Nine notes because all numbers can be reduced
to the addition of their integers, from 1 to 9.  This is a basic of math and sacred geometry not because of hocus pocus but
because numbers act like their basic inteerger addition. 10 acting like 1, 20 acting like 2, 30 acting like 3. (Please see and study
'How to create your own Universe..... as it is fully explained there)

      These frequencices were not computed by me, but others, although my research has backed up and confirmed the
hertz gateway, that separates each three notes. Notice how 174 plus 111 is 285 exactly, and 285 plus 111 hertz is 396.  Then
the next series starts at 417 plus 111 hertz is 528..onward. Do you see it, take time and do the simple math.
Consequently........ that as you go from a note of lets say 174 to 285, there is a jump of 111 hertz, or maybe an interference
pattern or wave escalation jump of 111 hertz between the two notes, it resonating as each chord is struck.

   See the triangle joining each set of frequencies. 174 is connected to 417 and is connected to 741.... and then back to 174. This
seeming to indicate if struck at the same time or played at the same time, they could be the original chord...and NOTICE how
their reduced basic number is all 3.  1-7-4 integers add up to 1+7+4= 12, and 12 adds up to 1+2= 3. Again do 417, and its
intergers add up to 4+1+7=12, which adds up to 3, 741 adds up to 3. And hence all these frequencies add up to 3. VIOLA, we
have our 3's.

    Then go to the next chord of 285, 528, and 852. Add up their integrers to get their basic reduced number and they all add up
to 6. Double VIOLA... we have our 6's. ,Similarly as expected now add up the third chord and it is 396, 636 and 963.... and
BOOM we have our 9's. Nine frequencies that can be played as three chords, that can be reduced to their essense of 3 - 6 -
9.and they have a wave pattern difference of exactly 111 hertz, the gateway frequency.

      Consequently, my gut reaction, therefore is that these Solfeggio frequencies must be right or very close. Mind you, just a
listener tuning into 45 minutes of 528 hertz, is rather ludicrous in getting them to the heavenlies. Our minds and hearts literally
have to be tuned to the Lord. It can not be faked and you can not pass into the heavenlies without the Lord's pass key of
salvation, choice and service.

      But lets go deeper into these frequencies, rather than just their numerical differences, wavelength differences, and reduced
number similarities and pattterns. Let's see how these exact frequencies might relate exactly back to Creation....and then lets do
the physics of time and space and see how the magic square of Searl illustrates and was used to give a firing order for time and
space and numbers, that all added up to 111..... giving creation and space and matter stability and balance from every direction.
WHEE.... the Lord is amazing and beautiful..... and HIS WAYS are not past finding out..

   As many have written about 440 hertz is dis-harmonic and should not have been used by the dark side to develop our music,
whereas 111, or 444 HERTZ should be our A note, and everything tuned to it.

      Circle Diameter    Ratio        Note     Hertz
1 = 1                  1                  A       444
2 = 1.5               1.5               E        666
3 = 2.25             1.125           B       500
4 = 3.375           1.69             F#      750
5 = 5.062           1.265           C#     562
6 = 7.539           1.88             G#     835
7 = 11.39           1.42             D#     630
8 = 17.08           1.06             A#     470
9 = 25.62           1.59             F        705
10=38.44           1.19             C        528
11=57.66           1.79             G        794
12=86.49           1.35             D        599

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