In Masonic lore or history, it is mentioned that the master builder, Hiram was called the 'Son of a widow'. (Do the Research). But what does it all
mean, and why do they suggest that it is a prophetic marker for their  worldly messianic figure, called the Anti-Christ. Why would the A.C. be
described or labeled as the Son of a Widow, as one of the parameters of being able to discern if he is truly in the A.C, lineage.

For Biblically, the Lord of Lords has always said that if we have HIS LOVE we will take care of widows and the fatherless and children without
parents (orphans). Jesus brought back to life the widow's son that died. Elijah had done the same and had the Lord provide for them with the miracles
of the filling of the oil pots, to pay their debts. Jesus was concerned about those that had no one to take care of them because they of all others need
help. Widows and orphans need help, which is why the Lord is so much in favor of them having husbands. Or if not, then we should be watching out
for them and caring for them and protecting them. Its a rough road to travel, and no one should go it alone. They can find real faith and trust in the
Lord or they might go the other way, and get extreme bitterness and hate. Its a delicate situation.

As there is this special bond between children and their mother because of the constant care and concern a mother can give them through their
development to adulthood, but how much more a bond between a caring widowed mother and her only son. If the father is gone, dead or has left them
...... all alone in this world, how much do they have to cling to one another. How much ridicule, pain and suffering, might they have suffered. What
hidden darkness and motivations might be in a heart of a growing boy who has had to grow up without a father.

So the question arises, is my supposed A.C.candidate, Vladislav Surkov, ..... the Son of a Widow....... the answer Yes.

He was born to Zinaida Antonovna Surkova, his mother (born 1935), and his father Andarbek (Yuriy) Danil'bekovich Dudayev, both of whom were
school teachers in Duba-yurt, Checheno-Ingush SSR, as Aslambek Dudayev. It is not until 1969 that his name was officially changed to Vladislav
Surkov after moving with his mother to the Ryazan region shortly after his family had been ABANDONED by his father.

In other words, his father left his mother when he was just 5 years old, so that thereafter the two of them only had each other for support. Is this
what drives him, is this his weakness, is this his motivation to achieve, his bitterness which will drive the AC into complete possession by Satan.

More later .......
Surkov, Son of a Widow
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