Jesus said, He was the Resurrection and the Light. Jesus said He was the Light of the world, and He that hath the light shall
not walk in darkness. If thine eye be single, then our whole body would be full of light.

 So to summarise, Capturing the Light, is there a direct connection between sacred places and their special alignments to the
rising Sun or rising Moon, or their setting before they rise or set again ... according to their designated times. The answer is
surely Yes. The ancients didn't waste such time and effort for nothing. Their expertise was hardly that of primitive ignorant
man, but consistently shows a knowledge and ability far above our own today. They had heavenly knowledge that seeing the
light of an ascending or descending Light of the Day or Light of the Night, had an effect on us, according to our own design.
This all done at Creation, when the Creator the Lord of Lords, created Light, first, the Sun and Moon on the fourth day, and
then 'Mankind' on the sixth.

As above so below, the stars were given as signs and as a witness of HIS Handiwork. Their arrangement not by chance, but
by design, to harmonise all of His creation together . (Harmony of the Stars). Consequently, seeing the Light at sunrise could
have been a literal means of our ancestors of harmonising with the whole Creation, whether above them or below them,
macrocosm with microcosm to our own world, and into our own bodies.

 For with the Lord, the harmony, the literal vibration, and ratio is whats important not the mere absolute size, whether big or
small. Everything fits together in unison via design and the laws of the Lord. (SEE
Phi Mysteries)

 NO man can see God at any time, is in scriptures, even though many have seen the Son, whether before Jesus arrival or
afterwards. He was the Son of God, the one and only Son, who is like our Sun. But most didnt recognise Him as we look
through a viel and didn't see Him in all His Glory, as the All MIGHTY FATHER (Isaiah 9:6..
Jesus is God)
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