"Strange Flesh" of Jude, was mating with Nephilim, .

    The mating of our foolish women with the fallen angels produced the nephilim or giants. And these offspring were vile and
not our KIND, which broke the Lords rule of breeding ONLY within each KIND. Heres an excellent website that totally
explains this from many directions and many sources, so it is irrefutable concerning the history of these vile creatures and their
end time evil prodigy.

From https://israelinprophecy.wordpress.com/the-nephilim-enigma/

Below is an excerpt from its website, that untangles the truth about, Strange Flesh, as used by Jude in the New Testament.

 And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under
darkness unto the judgment of the great day. Even as Sodom and Gomorrah, and the cities about them in like manner, giving
themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal
– Jude 6-7, the Christian New Testament

 Though many Christians see this passage as being about homosexuality, in truth it is about the age old fornication with angelic
beings, not gay sex, which is clearly the case from a reading of the passage in the Torah. This problem was well known in
biblical times and attested to in many various writings. In Modern times it has since fell into disfavor, notably over the disbelief
held by many that spiritual beings could actually have sex with spiritual entities. The homosexual twist is a modern take, not the
view held from antiquity. Regardless how you may personally view this, it’s foundation is based upon the Torah and many
other writings of antiquity.

 The Testament of Naphtali 3.3.4-5 states that the women of Sodom had sex with the Watchers. The Genesis Apocryphon
(1QapGen) makes a suggestion that Noah may have been fathered an angel or Nephilim. Lamech, Noah’s father suspects that
his newborn son, Noah, may in fact not be his own, but rather the product of an illicit union between his wfe, Bitenosh, and
fallen angels known as Watchers or through the hybrid Nephilim. His wife Bitenosh tells him that the child is not fathered by
anyone but Lamech, Enoch whom he aks to investigate also suggests no wrong doing has occurred. This passage alone makes
the case that intercourse between human women and angelic/daimonic beings was occurring in the antediluvian world.

 The term strange flesh, based on the Greek word heteros (translated as strange) means a different kind usually denoting
genetic distinction. The Greek word for fornication here is ekporneuo which is the intensive form of porneuo, where we get
the English word pornography.

 The Church Father Irenaeus stated, “And wickedness very long-continued and widespread pervaded all the races of men,
until very little seed of justice was in them. For unlawful unions came about on earth, as angels linked themselves with
offspring of the daughters of men, who bore to them sons, who on account of their exceeding great were called Giants. The
angels, then, brought to their wives as gifts teachings of evil, for they taught them the virtues of roots and herbs, and dyeing
and cosmetics and discoveries of precious materials, love-philtes, hatreds, amours, passions, constraints of love, the bonds of
witchcraft, every sorcery and idolatry, hateful to God, and when this was come into the world, the affairs of wickedness were
propagated to overflowing, and those of justice dwindled to very little.”80


 It pays to research and seek to find truths, this came from research into Stonehenge, Circle of Giants, and onward, as the
sexual SIN of mating with fallen angels is why the Lord brought on the Worldwide Flood...

 Stay within our KIND and reproduce with love not violence and hate, and blood letting.

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