Stonehenge Alignment
 Stonehenge is in Britain and it's stone circles are aligned to the 'Rising of the Sun' on the Summer Solstice. The ultimate
question is WHY and whats the purpose ? So lets, find out what we can about its design, or multiple overlay designs.

Click Here..   http://
for an excellent starting point in understanding the stone circles alignments of Stonehenge..... it includes easy to comprehend
graphics, explaining altitude, azimuth, and the ecliptic plane.

 Below, is its stone layout as viewed from above, with North denoted to the left side, and the North Star would be above as
shown in the previous graphic as CNP. Its latitude is at 51 degrees, the side angle of the slope of the Phi Pyramids of the
Lord..... such as at Giza also called the Pillar of Enoch. The plot thickens as the angle or azimuth of the Stonehenge Layout
or Design is at its latitude, 51 degrees  This more specifically being 360/7 or 51.42 degrees. Therefore we know that the
rising Sun on the Summer Solstice rises at an altitude of 0 degrees and is at  an azimuth of 51.43 degrees from North or the
North Pole aiming at the North Star.
--51.43 Degrees--