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#1 Tuesday May 15

   Evolutionists hate experiments and testing and math and proofs.... and want to believe nothing in science is prove-able to keep their false theory of evolution possible.

They hate the invisible and the 69/70 th of the EMF that they cant see. They hate to think that there is more to them than just straight mass that goes into oblivion, but sorry Experiment 21
grams, proves souls have weight. Even evolutionists have souls believe it or not, and it does weight something.

This even though, the Lord says distinctly over and over again, to devoid people 'Thou has been weighed in the balances and hast been found wanting'. In other words, literally it sounds
like they are empty, devoid, they have no morality (as mentioned) and no faith in their Creator.... and they are but dust, a shell...or as stated in Jewish manuscripts... they are husks to the
wind..useless and a total waste...a covering without a soul...


So first study the experiment, and do note the exact weight of 21 grams... and then I or we shall start a research thread on possibilities, concerning light speed, the Tabernacle of the Sun,
and Relativity..   E=mc2

Evolutionists who have no thoughts and know no math, will not be welcome.... but nevertheless we can either circumvent their denials or just go on.... without their denials and non math...

Onward Christian Soldiers....

21 grams and what it may mean.


#3 Tuesday May 15

The atheistic scientists who hate the Creator, of course, denied as do all the atheistic evolutionists HERE...and complained and complained and complained.... and of course like
evolutionists HERE would never do the experiment themselves. They hate proofs, and experiments..

#4 Tuesday May 15



In other words, it takes a massive amount of energy, to form mass, because mass is multiplied by the square of light speed.

(Selah..... but Bla******* stated correctly that an atom was the same design as the Universe.... the vast distances between nucleus and electrons are the same as the ratio of emptiness
between the mass of the Planets etc... both designed by the Designer in a specific balance)

Cross reference this with the truth of light speed across our Solar System, relationship with a PHI PYRAMID


And then when you consider c2.... it seems like the area of a circle PIE (r2)

In other words, the distance to the capstone of the SUN, is the square root of PHI (1.272) ratio with light speed.

Meaning a squared circle using the Sun at the center, would make a SQUARE of 1x1x1x1

(And the Lord could breath life into the SQUARE...or into Earth, as it travels around the SUN/Son)

Is the capstone in the right proportion.. Yes..its 1/56th of the total distance....meaning Yes the Suns diameter of 880,000 miles is 1/56th of 93,000,000 miles

c2 is light speed times itself, the same as a distance measure of two sides of the SQUARE. Hence the amount of ENERGY to create MASS might be determined by the geometry of the
Solar System and the Lords geometric balance.. same as in an atom....

As above, so below...same ratios, same phi balance

Consequently c2 can be a function of Earths exact distance from the Sun, that gives us the perfect amount of heat, and that total area can be a determinate when multiplied by the exact
amount of mass needed or allowed according to the weight scales of the Lord.

Both in souls and in body mass and in material mass.

Just some thoughts...

Research goes on


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Souls have weight .. 21 grams Experiment