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The following was written by Jason A Thomas, and I have merely put some comments afterwards in .....(....)  ...
Unfortunately his website is no longer on-line, and yet his information very valuable when it comes to levitation, magic squares,
orgone (sexual energy) and the Lord's MATHEMATICS.:                      

Let me (Jason A. Thomas) give you some background on (Searle's Anti-Gravity Vechicle)... The Searl Effect Generator (-SEG-
consists of 3 stationary rings with movable rollers going around the outside of the rings. (Very similiar to wheels within wheels as
mentioned by Ezekiel in reference to the Throne of the Lord of Lords in
Ezekiel 1)

Both the rings and the rollers are made out of 4 distinct materials, making it magnetic diodes, meaning that electrons can only enter
into the top center of the roller and exit on the sides, and enter from the inside of the rings towards the outside. Best used materials to
accomplish this is from outside to inside: ALUMINUM - paramagnet, meaning when there is an external magnetic field, this
material will enhance the strength of the magnetic field-, IRON -another paramagnet-,  nylon 66 -positively charged to attract
electrons-, and  NEODYMIUM -Ferro magnet, or super magnet-. Let me give you an example of why a roller is a magnetic diode. As
you can see nylon will attract electrons, which are then accelerated inwa:rd to the center by the magnetic mirror effect of neodymium
and both paramagnets combined. Both the paramagnets are magnetized initially by the neodymium, but due to the inward electron
flow, these paramagnets will get stronger and stronger. The magnetic fields are so aligned that the electrons have to follow a certain
path towards the outside of the roller. It is the combination of the magnetic fields and electric fields in the rollers and rings that makes
it a magnetic diode. At a seminar, Middle sex University, London on  March 10, 1996, John took one of the rollers and attached a
oscilloscope to it. The result was a spike or peak on the oscilloscope screen. The roller showed a negative potential, that is, a release
of electrons is evidence of charge. Also it kept on pulsing, meaning it draws power from the surrounding air. Interesting, isn't it !
(Yes, as it means it was drawing energy from the orgonic (sexual) energy of the Lord. A clean safe energy that will power and
empower us in His future Kingdom. SEE
William Reich'es orgonic Energy)

Basically the whole SEG is a magnetic diode. The SEG is positively charged by nature - explained a little later-. (It's also called
Energy, as it is free of cost as it is available anywhere in the Universe) Electrons are literally sucked into the middle of the SEG due
to this positively charged nature and the magnetic mirror effect of the whole unit. The whole unit is basically one huge magnet itself.
Then these electrons move to the inside of the first ring, towards nylon, then leaving the outside of the first ring and entering on top
center of the inside rollers, than get accelerated outwards due to the rotation of the rollers. This will create a stack up of electrons on
the inside of the second ring. Again the magnetic diode effect will only allow the electrons to go through the second ring an enter the
middle rollers. Every time the electrons leave a roller, it will move faster due to the rotation of the roller around its own axis and
around the ring. This is one of the reasons why the middle pair rollers also move faster than the inside rollers. Here lies also the
reason why the whole unit is positively charged. If you have a normal electron flow in a line and suddenly accelerate the latter
portion, you create a suction on the other side, which is a positively charged area -- remember that the electrons cannot flow back due
to the magnetic diode effect---. Again every part of the SEG will support the other.. The last stage is the outside rollers, where these
electrons are again accelerated outwards. These high speed electrons might be picked up by ordinary metal brushes for external use
--the reason for metal brushes are because we are dealing in the neighborhood of hundreds of millions of volts-- (In other words, the
SEG that draws energy from all around it, can produce an amazing amount of free energy to run anything in our envirorment and yet
without the waste products of fossil fuels and the dangers of nuclear fussion and its all free and available anywhere)

Why does the roller rotate in the first place. Well, normally you magnetize materials with DC power to get 2 poles, however, you
can also make a 3 pole magnet or a 20 pole one. Now these rollers and rings have a sinus form pole --this is accomplished by
magnetizing a roller with AC--, If you have the rings and rollers magnetized the same way --same "comparable" AC frequency--, and
put them 90 degrees out of phase basically on the roller and on the ring and put them together in this unstable condition the rollers
and rings will move. If you draw see that it constantly attracts or constantly repels. The roller would not spin on its own axis to get
to equilibrium, this is because the forward push and the rotation are balanced out to stay at 90 degrees off phase. This is quite
difficult to accomplish.. Now the rollers are also DC magnetizes, so you have a complete mess of sine poles and north south poles.
The reason for the DC magnetization is for the rollers to stay vertical against the rings, and stay parallel to the rings. Thanks to
aluminum, the rollers do not shoot away from the ring --because the roller is attracted-- strongly towards the ring due to aluminum--.

Another interesting phenomena is that the roller does not create friction onto the ring because the force is canceled out (aluminum
attraction = centrifugal -pseudo--force--. (No friction means no wear and tear and the machine would last theoritically foprever. It
wouldn't heat up and would be a perpetual motion machine that man has always been looking for)

Now when you extract power from the SEG, the rollers will speed up. This is due to the fact that you make the machine more
positively charged and have more electrons flow faster through the machine --Again think of the magnetic diode properties--. Since
the electrons are moving faster, it will make the .paramagnets stronger and this will make the rollers move faster and as a result of the
paramagnets becoming stronger, compensate perfectly with the centrifugal force of the rollers. If you do not pick up the electrons
leaving the machine, you actually short circuit the machine, meaning the electrons will reroute back into the SEG. This will make the
potential difference grow steeply, to a point where it will create a vacuum on the inside of the SEG. Normally if the potential
difference gets so high, the air will discharge all electrons, and you get the effect of .**********

But since the SEG is in a vacuum , stage, there will be no discharge through the air ---because there IS no air--. Also the temperature
in vacuum is absolute zero, so there is a superconductivity state inside the SEG. At this point it will ionize the air surrounding the
machine, making the machine glow. (Just as seen by Ezekiel around the Lord's Throne with lightning or electricity sparking above)

Here you also get these strange manifestations like anti-gravity. (Meaning the machine becomes a vechile, a type of round disk flying
vechicle that can fly without regards to gravity. ) Basically, the machine will lift up in the air and the potential difference keeps rising.
At a certain point the SEG will shoot away with incredible speed (The Searle vechicle can leviatate and then accelerate beyond
comprehension, just as has been seen by  UFO sightings)

You can control the machines flight path by using an ordinary CRT and aiming it in a specific direction. You can use a regular radio
transmitter with a frequency' of one of the harmonics used to magnetize the system, this will slow down or speed up the rollers, to
control the speed of the SEG. (The use of harmonics as always is very important SEE
Mathematics Board) The limit to the speed of
this disk is unknown but most likely far beyond the speed of light, --In contradiction with most theories, but keep in mind that it
supposedly has its own space time inside. (Exactly as light speed is only a physical barrier that can be broken through in the spirit
by phi magnifications. SEE
Light Years are meaningless) Later on I will brainstorm you with some of my ideas on if you can go
beyond the speed of light, which I really like to get some feedback from you, if you disagree from it or not-(I definitely agree with
you and it has now been proven to be true)-. Searl has done lots of research in flying this disc. Supposedly you can use the disk as
transportation, but it has never brought me anywhere yet. Maybe someday it will. An interesting points of the SEG used as a
transportation unit is that there is a constant gravity of 4.4m1s/\2 inside the disc, no matter what the acceleration of the unit on the
outside is. This means as a passenger, you can not feel acceleration inside the unit

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Levitation and Magic Squares