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                 Pineal Projection of Soul after Death

Because all true science comes from the hand of the Lord, allow me to post the following scientific evidence
concerning both out of body experiences and our souls departure to be with the Lord after death. We talked
about it before as the body does lose a very small amount of mass literally when we die. (See
Our Souls have
weight).So this is a further explanation of the science, that should be realized because it connects up with further
spiritual truths.

I recommend you not get closed minded on reading exact body locations of exact mechanisms of how the Lord
uses our sacredly designed body parts (in this case, inter-cranial structures, in projecting our souls or spirits
after death). So if you read about the pineal gland, and other internal biological organs, it should only make you
more amazed about the Lord's wisdom and our own divine design rather than thinking its degrading these
concepts into flesh and blood components. For in truth, spiritualizing everything as many religions and
religionists do, just won't be as useful as understanding the truths in the real spiritual/physical world.

Having said this, if still interested read further... The parenthesis are mine ......(...) from a post inside
//www.hiddenmeanings.com/ I dont think it is a very Christian site but the choice is yours but some of the
science is verifiable.



I have been sharing with you over the past weeks via video tapes etc, concepts on what occurs at the time of
death. What happens to the human personality etc. I have suggested that light which is Photon and is human
consciousness, leaves the body via the Pineal gland at the time of death. (Confirmed in many other places and at
the same location...See
Crystal Skull on the Mystery Board and Golden Section Class)

Well here is the first proof that life exists after death. Photon is energy from an Atom. Scientists destroyed,
killed, a photon and it reappeared three feet away. (Sounds like
Einsteins proveable mathematical equation that
there is a co-existing spiritual world)

If you haven't seen it, here is the Associated Press release dated December 11 1997. It was in all of the major
newspapers and has been on T.V. and radio news programs. (In other words, this scientific truth has been
released, but the consequences of what it means havent been realized nor would the worldly media want to
expose this truth further)


The first paragraph stated " Scientists have pulled off a startling trick that looks like ˜Beam Me Up Scotty
technology of science fiction." In an Austrian laboratory scientists destroyed bits of light in one place and made
perfect replicas appear about 3 feet away. This supports the concept that when your dwelling place is
destroyed by death, your perfect replica appears outside of your body and leaves via the light receptor which is
the Pineal Gland. (It is located at your 3rd eye level inside your brain, and receives electromagnetic energy
beyond the mere visible light range.)

According to the article this was done by transferring information about a crucial physical characteristic of the
original light bits called Photons. Remember photons which are visible light waves appear when the atom has
been stimulated by heat. You throw a switch, electricity heats the filament , atoms get excited and you have
Photon. (So if internally you threw a switch, and got super charged up as in ***, or in prayer, then again a
transmission of photons could be sent. Yet conversely if you were taking your last breath, and giving up your
spirit, then in this case wouldnt there be an electrification of photons and an emission that sends these (your
soul) back to the Maker of all electricity. Yes it appears so, and proves the biblical concept of your soul
departing at death, and it does have a finite amount of weight so it is real and it does travel.)


But I'll leave it at that as the original author, gets a bit carried away, and out of focus spiritually. Nevertheless,
there's a touch more science and truth for those interested. And it does have very specific meanings,
applications and implications because this sort of knowledge isn't just head knowledge. These truths mean you
can have absolute confidence when praying in absolutely knowing that its scriptural and scientific and prayers
will happen in God's time if in God's WILL.

For we must remember that we do have souls and spirits and we do have to make decisions, so before returning
to our Maker, it would be best in my opinion, that we determine the content of out souls, because we surely
dont want to be projected without ONE. In my opinion according to scriptures and science

David Jay Jordan

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