Petra, Paul, Bible History, Future Useage
Read the background verses for Petra HERE
Including how it is very likely Paul came to Petra, after his
conversion.... and established Petra as a Christian City
Petra is the 'rock city' that the Lord has
prepared for our habitation in the End

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Fleeing to Petra
2nd Exodus
Petra Geographic Design
Above is the layout of Petra, with its ancient city markers.
The Great Temple floor area can be used
by us, as a meeting plaza for our 144,000
Whereas the Sacred High Place, can be
used by our Priesthood, for our Prayers
and Sacred Ceremonies, as in the Sun Rise
The Small Theatre for Tribal Meetings of
Elders or Leaders
Whole congregation Ceremonies, we can hold at the Amphitheatre
Private Meetings at the Treasury or deep within carved out rooms
Notice the perfect situation, for watching
the Sun come UP or go DOWN, or for
watching the LORD'S STARS at night.