In the Galactic Cross, the Milky Way
is the galactic equator, that runs down the
middle of our belt of stars. So in studying
this truth further... it seems our Milky Way
extends from North to South in the sky as
our Earth rotates around and makes it move
across the sky at night from east to west.

Similarly the Nile River runs north to south,
and is said to be as above so BELOW.

But this not exact as the river bends signifcantly at the 19.5 degree latitude..... why because of the sacred geometry of the Lord
in His Design of the Earth. IE. Sacred geometry and Sacred Design is not independant of the Lord or separate but has HIM as its
Creator and Designer.


Many times sites, try to suggest that myths were formed
because of ancient societies tried to make sense of their
envirorment, etc...... but the webmasters or authors above,
suggest the god's, must have made the Nile and situated
it thusly, so as to conform to sacred geometry. But of
course, that makes no sense, as the gods were not co-op
erating creators, as only one God would have the ability
to create the Earth and the Nile River System as well as
the corresponding stars in the sky.

But this site gets truly interesting when it confirms that at
19.5 degrees it would correspond to 2350 B.C....just 2
years before the Great Flood verification in exactly 2348 B.C.,
Close enough !!!!!

And even gives due credit for such dating..

For those not very familiar with ancient chronology, 4000 BC is in various ways - historically, religiously, and esoterically - the
‘beginning of the world’:It was around 4000 BC that the first known high civilization called Sumer suddenly rose in Mesopotamia
(present Iraq) to begin ‘history’.

The year 4004 BC is the standard Christian date for Adam, the first man, based on the scriptural calculation done by Archbishop
James Ussher in the mid-seventeenth century (Annales Veteris Testamenti). In his calculation, Ussher even applied the date 2348
BC to the Great Flood, which almost exactly matches one of our anchor dates (2350 BC)!

4000 BC is the beginning date used in the calendar adopted by Freemasonry - a quasi-esoteric fraternal organization whose
enigmatic tradition can be traced back to various ancient cultures, including ancient Egypt. (Remarkably, the highest rank in
Scottish Freemasonry is called ‘33rd Degree’ as if in reference to the key Nilotic longitude, 33°E.)
The other ancient date pinpointed, c. 3100 BC, has similar implications:
The date coincides with the beginning of ancient Egypt - none other than the ‘gift of the Nile’ itself!
It was indeed around 3100 BC that King Menes commenced the Dynastic period as he unified Lower Egypt and Upper Egypt - an
event known as the ‘Unification of the Two Lands’.
The date coincides with what the Mayan calendar calls the ‘Birth of Venus’ (3114 BC), the beginning of the current age.[21]
For the Hindus, too, c. 3100 BC was the beginning of the present age called Kali Yuga.

(end of excerpt)

Map wise, a line going from Giza to Baalbek to Mount Ararat (Noah) has been established.

The Plain of Shinar, for the foundation structure for the Tower of Babel probably was on this line below Ararat...... and Eden,
from this website is in the same area..... or also on this line

With the Nile being designed rather than being at random, it begs us to consider the Jordan River as well, as it flows downward
south from Mount Hermon, with its illustriously bad historic references, down to the Circle of Giants, down SOUTHWARD, via
the RIFT (just as in the rift of the Millky Way), through the sea of Galilee, where the Lord did so many miracles, fished and
walked on water etc... and taught on its shores. Downward to where he was Baptised, the same exact place that Joshua crossed
into the promised land and where we shall be recrossing the weakened Jordan back to our place prepared for us.

Again, this is confirmed in Sacred Geometry via the Christos Angle, from Giza to Bethlehem onto the crossing of the Jordan...


Half way point... mouth of Jordan etc...

SEE Great Design and Lake Victoria...... as above so below.... 6000 years

Straight line Jordan River
Nile, River of Time, Milky Way Co-relations