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 In trying to figure out the possible dating of Daniel's Time Lines, I must have made a mistake because I
didn't take into account that Daniel specifically stated that the end point of the
when the Lord brings 'in everlasting righteousness, and seals up the vision and prophesy, and the Mosy
High One is anointed'. I assumed this would have been at the Great Consummation of the 7th Vial, also
known as the Battle of Armegeddon, when the Lord returns and takes back his kingdom. But this is
premature, as the Battle scenes have to be cleaned up, and the Lord must have a GRAND OPENING of His
Temple, HERE on EARTH...... for only afterwards in a few months can HE (Jesus)  be annointed, as the
Millenial RULER OF HIS EARTH, for 'HE IS THE HOLY ONE and KING OF KINGS. Until then the vision
and prophesy will not be sealed up and finnished, Jesus must be anointed properly in the proper place and
  All the other dates and years and correspondances of all timelines seem to be correct and unchanged
concerning their parameters of start and endings or fulfillments. So let me leave them as they were, yet
allow me to say I made this mistake of the LAST SEVEN YEARS, .and lets see what happens in the near
future with the Covenant Signing and Start of Sacrificing. Today being the FALL of 2013.
   For as I have always said, we have to get the starting dates exactly right. The START of the LAST
SEVEN YEARS, when all the world will be aware of the exact date the COVENANT is signed. And then
later, the Covenant giving the security to allow the START OF SACRIFING beginning.. These
BOTH being
highly known, public events that we can use ts establish absolutely all our time lines., so they coincide
exactly. WHY because we absolutely must know the timing of the nuclear war, that occurs 2-3 years later,
and thereafter when the AC marches to Jerusalem and takes it and the temple for his world headquarters.
For then will be the start of
GREAT TRIBULATION as war is declared against us and any that dare not
take the A.C. MARK.
   The ending dates and events are really not that important to us, as getting it right and exact for the
GATHERING and our FLEEING into the wilderness (Petra). We have to know the middle times of the Last
Seven Years. The rest of the dating and events will follow as the Lord unfolds what He has told His
prophets, and told us of the END TIMES.
   Therefore let me slightly modify the dating and lets get it RIGHT even if in HINDSIGHT, so our
foresight will be as the Lord wants it.

Onward Christians Soldeirs ......

Love in the King of Kings..Jesus

Mistake in 'Anointing the Most Holy One'