The Lords Voice through His Spirit can not be stopped or hindered. His Voice or the Holy Spirits Voice speaks through His
Creation, and all Creation must obey His Voice and follow His Laws and be orderly and follow His laws of Physics and the
Laws of His Science.

 But we are studying why are there alignments of stone structures and why is it involving exact times and speeds of
heavenly bodies ?

 The meridian is the Milky Way, a belt of stars that literally and scientifically have an equatorial galactic plane.
So is it possible because 'as above so below' is a PRINCIPLE, that the Creator of all life, the Brain behind the Design of all
creation whether micro or macro, speaks to us or to his whole creation via this meridian, of North South.

Does the meridian in the sky, that follows the path of the Milky Way symbolise the meridian in our brain, or the brain of the
cosmos or the BRAIN of the Lord, and pass on His intelligence


Human Brain Design

Our brain surely does not have its design stand alone, but it must be reflected above as well as in our below cranium. What
the Lord creates works, and His template for the human brain is surely from His ultimate Brain, and is surely also reflected in
the stars.

So is this why, alignments are so important, because with this timing according to His SUN, and according to the pathways
of His STARS, their right angle alignments match and corelate to give the ultimate time for his transmission of enregey and
literal wisdom into our Creation.
...mainly us.

Is the carrier wave, sunlight, that destroys the darkness and brings new life to each new generation, or each new
planting of life (agriculture) and inspiration to a new year.

Is this literally what LIGHT does. Does it carry timing and information from the Lord, to our brains, so we can be

Yes it sounds like New Age, hocus pocus, but in real life, the paralelels are there. The proofs are present, the
ancients did it, and the Lord loves it when we recognise him as the Creator of All THINGS. Giving HIM due credit
for what he duly made, is not new age, or old age, but just a everlasting Truth in worlds without time.

But meditating in HIM and to HIM, in the early morning hours, or in prayer at the set of another day, in hopes of a
new day and new dawn.... is scripturial !
Milky Way Brain Transmission Possibility