Mid East Covenant
Covenant of Daniel
Peace Treaty to stop Mid East War
Prophecy Basis

How many nations sign

Why needed


Time Frame

Who makes it

Does it succeed
Daniel 9 (Revelation)

Ten Nation World Government

Mid East War  (Israel/U.S. versus  Iran/Syria/Russia/Palestine)

April 2015  ??

Starts 7 Year Period (Daniel 9)   (Timelines)

Prince of the Covenant   (not the A.C.)

Only temporarily til
Nuclear War (2017)
 The Lord's Prophecy till His Second Coming dictates over and over again, that there will be a Covenant
signed by Ten Nations. This forced into signing because of the continued conflict and then major Mid East
War that escalates almost into a world war in magnitude. For then, the bible, indicates a Prince of the
Covenant, most likely a diplomat or one of the world leaders, shall put together a religious, economic, and
military peace whereby ten world powers shall enforce and secure its mutual agreement. In the Covenant.
The Palestinians will get some measure of land and freedom, and worldly Israel shall get their long sought
after security and peace pact to be able to build their 3rd Temple.
Wait for the Covenant
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Ten Nations Sign