There is nothing End Time Christians should be reading more than Revelation 11, as it describes End Time Events and our End Time leaders called the
Two Witnesses  

Revelation 11
1.And there was given me a reed like unto a rod: and the angel stood, saying, Rise, and measure the temple of God, and the altar, and them that
worship therein. 2 But the court which is without the temple leave out, and measure it not; for it is given unto the Gentiles: and the holy city shall
they tread under foot forty and two months.  

This period of time is called the GREAT TRIBULATION, the exact time frame of 42 months, or 3.5 years when the Anti-Christ will come into
power, by conquering three powerful nuclear countries (U.S. Britan, and France) and then surround Israel and take over the newly built 3rd Temple,
situated on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. For this is NOT the temple used by the Lord in the End Time, but the temple used by the Anti-Christ to
house the 'Abomination of Desolation' which the A.C. uses to rule the world. For we have fled en masse and in unison to the wilderness as the Lord
told us to do. Our Two Witnesses, or leaders have recovered the original
ARK and Tabernacle of Moses and Aaron, and proceed via the Lord's SPIRIT
down the King's Highway to
Petra, our refuge from the storm.

Consequently we are not to measure the 3rd Temple demensions of the worldly temple built by the Jews, but the original tabernacle temple of the
Lord dictated by the Lord to Moses. ....for that is the tabernacle or temple we shall be using in the End Time.

So lets study the above tabernacle floor plan, according to the design template of the Lord's CREATION called the Golden Section, and see if there is
any applications and implications if any to prophecy and Revelation 11..   SEE
Golden Section,  and  PHI Mysteries   These exact demensions shown
above were given by the Lord to Moses, to build the tabernacle or TENT of the Lord, and enclosed not just the Holy Place but also the Holy of
Holies in which the sacred and all powerful ARK of the Lord was housed.   The Holy of Holies was also called the 'Womb of Creation' because within
the enclosed ARK or shall we say just above it dwelt the Lord's SPIRIT or 'RAUCH' in Hebrew. Its in the center of the square or cue to the left... The
Holy of Holies was 10 cubits by 10 cubits by 10 cubits. The Ark being placed in the center of the Holy of Holies, and in the center of the left cube, as
the total tabernacle area was TWO squares... making it 50 by 100 cubits. SEE Above.

Whay was it in the center,  because the Lord ia and was the CENTER of CREATION and the
Creator of all things. And from this perfect cube of 10
cubits by 10 cubits by 10 cubits came all life. Its first expansion being the double cube called the 'Holy Place' That's the more eastern double cube
called the Holy Place. This divine ratioed shape and format is what all sacred architecture temples followed in the past, up until today. SEE  
Temple, Architecture and Sacred Sex  and  Architecture of the Universe and then Sex in the Tabernacle

And as you soon find out, it is patterned after the ultimate design and ultimate creation of the Lord, called 'us'. Our bodies are the ultimate design
High Tech Human Body  This because we are designed after His literal and perfect body ratio's and ultimate beauty.  SEE What is Beauty   and   
Made in His Image  And as we are sexual and reproductive, so is the temple and tabernacle design.  SEE Tabernacle and Female Genitalia

For if you notice, the entrance to the tabernacle is in the center of the whole tabernacle enclosure. This just as out sexual female entrance way or
ARCH as in ARCHitecture is at the half way point up our entire height or frame. Similarly, the 3/4 mark, coincides exactly with the location of the
ARK and the HOLY SPIRIT residence place. This in our female case being the feminine breast level, or nuturing level where the milk of the spirit and
flesh comes from.

And yet in Moses time, and after David's time when Solomon built the first temple, their roof was never pointed but flat, whereas the ultimate
heavenly made residence of the Lord is a PHI pyramid and comes to a capstone just as with the heavenly designed Great Pyramid of Giza. SEE
Jerusalem is a Crystal Pyramid  and   New Jerusalem and PHI Graphics  For again, the ultimate temple is PHI TEMPLATED because it is power and
it is the ratio of beauty and strength, and is incorporated exactly into our human temple design.  SEE
Human Divisions and Human PHI Graphics

Therefore it would seem the Lord's house or tent or temple in the wilderness called the Tabernacle should also have a Golden Section apex and angle as
well, rather than simply a flattened roof. For New Jerusalem the ultimate Eternal House or Tabernacle of the Lord is PHI templated with a slope of
Phi (1.618) and height of the Square Root of Phi (1.272), with a base is 1... SEE
New Jerusalem is a Crystal Pyramid   Therefore in Revelation 11, if
we in the End Time have to measure out and use a measuring rod then that rod must be of PHI length. to raise our Tabernacle of David in the End
Time.  SEE
Raising up the Tabernacle.

We will have the cube measurements, meaning we shall have the ground lay-out of 10 x 30 cubits, making three perfect cubes, but how do we get the
exact perfect PHI length for our poles, or side slants that meet together at the capstone point to form the perfect phi pyramid.

In sacred geometry and all geometery there is ONLY one way this can be done exactly. Only one way to determine and mark off exactly PHI or
1.618........ times the basic side .... 1 SEE Below graphics.

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