Leo Rising at Giza
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The texts tell the pharaoh identifies himself with the solar disc.

He placed himself on the riverbed of the Winding Waterway 70 days before the summer solstice. He is then to
make a journey of 70 days in which he will be carried across "the Winding Waterway", finally to be united with or
fused with Horakthi, Horus-of-the-horizon. Seventy days before the summer solstice in 2,500 BC, the sun or
Pharaoh, was exactly west of the Milky Way, the riverbed of the Winding Waterway.

This ceremony took the Pharaoh to a place between the front paws of the Sphinx on the summer solstice in 2,500
BC and that this was an important lead in the search for the secret of the First Time, the Zep Tepi, or the Shining
Ones - the Gods who roamed the Earth before the Pharaohs and immortality.