There are way too many parallels and coincidences in the time frames of Jacques DeMolay for him not to be of the Lord and not to be a
forerunner in prophecy for our LAST WITNESS, the End Time King David

He was born in 1244, and rose to prominence in the Templars as their LAST GRANDMASTER before their annihilation by the church and state
perfidious coalition...... (of King Phillip of France and the Pope in Rome) on March 18th 1314. This spanning  70 years, which corresponds to the
number of years of King David of Old

Seventy Year Prophecy

Jacques DeMolay was caught and tortured into a false confession with many of his Templars in 1307, called Black Friday, on October 13th of
1307. But after seven years of persecution and tribulation, recanted his confession and was burned at the stake, again with his brethren knights on
March 18th, 1314, a period of seven years. This being the time span that David ruled from Jerusalem and the time period of the TRIBULATION
in the Last Days.

Daniel timeline.

And hence the time start of the Tribulation Period or Last Seven Years of Daniel from when Jacques DeMolay was executed would be 700 years.
This again seemingly being a confirmation, that the
Last 7 years will start this year... 2014.

We shall see, as America seems hell bent on making war with Russia, and then the eventual PEACE PROCESS in stopping the war, can be
signed.... the Covenant of Daniel.

And who will the true Templar Movement that survived their annihilation be looking for, but the real LAST TEMPLAR of the LAST DAYS. The
successor of Jacques DeMolay, who will be the once and future King, as with King Arthur, and the heir of the throne of David, from his loins, the
End Time King David,
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