Is Faithy, one of the Two Witnesses, our High Priestess ? Because we are suppose to 'look for our King and High Priestess of the End Time',

Alllow me to speculate that Faith Berg, might just be one of the TWO WITNESSES. This is not THUS SAITH THE LORD  but she has the lineage. For her
father was, (David Berg also called Moses David), and despite his faults was still the man the Lord used to start the Jesus Revolution in the End Time which
had some great victories.  Moses David had to have been in the lineage of King David of Old. David Berg was a man of  faults as he grew older but did he leave
a legacy ? There was no offspring or legacy from his marriage with his secretary, and second wife, Maria for they had no children together. So did the mantle
fall onto Faithy's shoulders.  (SEE
Three King Davids)

The Children of God were of the Lord and the Lord worked mightily through them before it all started to unravel. And yet they have somewhat gone on,
despite their shortcomings. Their start seems to have been prophesied for 1967, and their Love Revolution of 1977 seems to coincide with prophecy, and
their wandering in the desert for 40 years seems to have been fulfilled

Children of God - Fifty Years before Great Tribulation

And within the Children of God End Time Movement of the Lord, no one has shown more of the Love of Jesus to the lost than Faithy did. No one sacrificed
more or was more committed than Faithy used to be. She had no regard for her own needs but only cared about winning the lost for the Lord. It wasn't until
later that she was seduced into the pleasures and comforts of leadership hierarchy in the Children of God and Family International group, that she lost her
flame, her spark and her love for others. She truly became a prodigal daughter, and yet that is one of the qualities the End Time Priestess. The End Time High
Priestess must have left the Lord just as the Prodigal Son left the Father, to waste away his inheritance on drinking and the good life. This Faithy did, in
excess and in disappointment in the very end.

Ephraim is Female and Fair
 Prodigal Daughter.. Ephraim

For, in her later years Faithy definitely became proud, materialistic, cold, heartless, traveling the world for pleasure with her leadership husbands and lovers.
But it didn't satisfy. She then, started up a tremendous social feeding work in Siberia, almost singlehandedly and yet had it stopped by the damnable church
pharisees who accused her to the local archbishop. She was accused as a harlot, accused as a drunk, accused as a pervert and therefore unwelcome, and her
social work was stopped. Faithy retreated back to the States where she seemingly is now just living out her days. But does she have a destiny STILL ? Will
the prodigal daughter return to the Lord ?

She was born on February 2, 1951, which is 3.5 years after the start of our New Nation Kingdom. Our New Nation starting with the birth of our King David
of the End Time ...... in August of 1947. Because he will be our Commander in Chief and King whereas she will be our High Priest of the Tabernacle. And
together they shall be united as the TWO WITNESSES

But is this mere coincidence.... that their birthdates are 3.5 years apart, the same exact timeframe for the Great Tribulation. Most likely not, but surely
another confirmation. For this would mean that EndTime King David would be 70 years old at the Start of Tribulation, which also would be the start of their
main ministry, and she wouldn't read 70 years old until 3.5 years later..

Daniel Timeline

Yet you might ask does she have the qualities it would take to lead. She is a speaker, and she can be King David's spokeswoman before the EndTime Pharoah
or AC, just like Aaron was the spokesman for Moses. SEE
High Priestess is a speaker.  She is a muscian, and could lead the Encampment in Praise to the
Lord and sing with real heart and soul.

She isn't intimidated by men. She could command respect, once she has gotten her heart straightened out and found her calling. She has the experience of
knowing evil and having done evil.. She might be able to gain the strength and wisdom to avoid these pitfalls in the short reign, the TWO WITNESSES will
have. She might be our High Priestess. Because remember the 'gifts and calling of God are without repentance'... Whatever will be, will be. Whatever is before
her shall NOT pass her by. The Lord shall fulfill His prophecies in the End Time. And she very well could be the woman the Lord has chosen and wants as
One of our Two Witnesses.

She hates the false church system for its treachery and how they treat the poor of the world. She may no longer be a drunk, but she may be able to drink to
the Lord and for the Lord in her new role. She has charisma if the Lord reignites her. She was beautiful and surely still is. She was sexually active and this also
would be needed as the High Priestess of Love in uniting the people with the Lord.  She just needs the real End Time vision, or a dream from the Lord, to
return to the Lord's END TIME SERVICE.

. For the High Priestess annoints the King and not the reverse. As Samuel annointed  DAVID, so she must annoint our End Time Leader. For they shall
become ONE, the TWO BRANCHES have to become one. But first, she must supernaturally find him in the fields of this world, and there find him out and
annoint him as END TIME KING DAVID. (Just like Samuel found David and annointed him). And THEN, their union shall start, and they shall GATHER
the Lord's people.

Time will tell, the Lord always gets His man or His woman. They can run but they can not hide. They shall fulfill thier destinies.

The calling of God is without repentance... whatever will be, will be .... with the Lord

That which is before you, shall not pass you by .... Fulfill your destiny in Jesus Name

Love in Jesus



Two Witnesses
Is Faithy, One of the Two Witnesses ???