In this sub-board, you will find some debate-able topics and principles that you might find difficult to comprehend, even as I
try to piece it together for you and even for myself. Nevertheless it is based strictly on the FACT that the Lord of Lords (Jesus)
created all things, and is based solely on the other corollary FACT, that Genesis is TRUE, and its time lines are true and accurate

See and Understand .......  
Creation versus Evolution, ForeFathers Graphic,

 If you balk at the exactness of the Lord creating an exact time line from Creation as explained by Genesis, this whole series of
articles will not make sense to you, because you are unable to see the DESIGN of the DESIGNER, and hence will choose the
false belief system that geography and the stars are placed at random, and as such have no effect on us HERE on Earth. You will
have been deceived by evolution and modern false science, that there is no design in the stars nor Here on Earth.

 But everything following on the following web pages will fight that insanity by showing you the design of how the Lord created
the heavenly bodies as 'signs' and as a timing mechanism or prophetic time line of signs, via the speeds and revolutions, angles,
planes, gravitational waves, and light ray eclipses, solstices and equinoxes of His STARS, SUN.....and the mathematical angles
and geometry of this DESIGN.  SEE

 If you are up for the journey and have an open mind and are diligent to study and SEE what Enoch saw in the Lord's courts,
proceed. If not, the darkness will remain rather than residing in the Jesus is the Light, and He is the BRIGHT and
MORNING STAR and He arose as does the SUN on us and gives us LIGHT and LOVE and HOPE.    SEE   
Enoch built the
Great Pyramid

 Yet don't be thrown off course by the dark side, Illuminati, false prophets like Buval, Brown, Stechtin, and others who write
about many of these exact same topics, because they, have stolen the Lord's truths, and are trying to give their gods, the glory
and credit, when their gods did not create, but are destroying the Earth and the minds and hearts of the Lord's people. SEE and
Stolen Information .They having an agenda, to make the world's people want to welcome the underworld gods,
demons, and devils. Whereas we know from whence they have come and will be coming from...... and only honor and love the
Lord of ALL...

 Consequently HEREIN, I hope to explain and show graphically, the true principles of Design of past cultures, and past, present
and future principles in architecture, star placement, angles and sacred geometry, how WE can apply these truths for the Lord's
SERVICE. Its not heresy, its just honoring the Lord and His method of Creation, to the maximum ... with out heart and we can understand HIM better and be more powerful and useful and closer to HIM.

 If you have no interest in serving the Lord, or worshipping HIM, then do STOP reading NOW, because these truths will be
hidden from you, and you will go on 'not knowing'. SEE and Receive
Salvation . But if your motives are RIGHT and your
foundation strong, then continue on

Onward Christian Soldiers



Jesus said, I am the Way, the Truth and the LIGHT. Lets study the path of Light. IJN.