The human body is divinely created after the Lord's divine body using the template called the 'Golden
Section or Phi. It is also called the template of beauty and power. So please look below to notice these
divisions, He has made on our bodies at divisions of 1/1.618 times the previous distance going upwards or
1.618 greater distances going downwards..
Consequently when you study how the Lord charges us sexually and how we attain bliss or how and where
we can send out messages and hear from HIM, do study the below mathematics. Overlook the new age,
chakra style drawing, as they tend to try and steal these divisions as if they or the Hindu's or their gods created
them. But rest assured, your body was designed by the Creator in a very special way, so that you can
communicate to HIM at your at your 3rd eye level. Again, avoid the pitfall of the new age terminology, so just
think the pineal level, or the level of our soul, where we make our decisions. This design the Lord instilled in
us, not evolution and not Hinduism. Why, so we can be spiritual and hear and talk to HIM.
From the Earth Resonance 7.83 Hertz   
to 33 Hertz,- Sex and Spirituality
The Lord in his phi design and distances and measurements of the
Earth, along with the speed of light, has dictated that His lightning hitting
the Earth charges it according to its speed around the circumference of
the Earth. This giving it a resonant vibration of approximately 7.83 Hertz.
We being grounded on at as our home, receive its frequency and via our
specially designed phi bodies, elevate its power as it cycles up our 33
spinal segments till it reaches our spiritual plane at our pineal level, and
boom we have union with the Creator. This paralleled by our bliss or
heightened electricity when we reach climax in union with another person
(called sex)
Each cycle upwards, multiplying our base,
Earthly frequency by 1.272, two of them
equalling 1.618, and upward our base
resonant frequency goes to our explosive
uniting frequency of 33 hertz. or more
specifically 33.333 hertz
Isn't the Lord's design amazing. For rather than us falsely giving ourselves the vain credit for
ourselves or our beauty or our brains, or our abilities, we should be giving the credit to the Lord of
Lords (Jesus). And rather than giving this honor and credit to a strange god like evolution or a
non-existant god labeled Mother Nature, or a multi-headed Hindu god, or even blasphemously giving
the devil, or Satan credit for sex or credit for our lives and bodies, lets give credit where credit is due,
to the Creator of ALL. (Jesus)
In His Love
Human Body Phi Divisions