PHI Pyramid Geometric Design
Pineal-Pituitary Gland Design
Hexagonal Piezo-electric Design
Sexual Golden Section Design of Human Body
PHI projection communication Design
Elixir Parallels and Secretion Design

Designed in His Image by the Designer
Our human brains were designed by our Creator, to be perfect
communication technology, so we and HIM could hear and
speak to one another. It is based on His template of Creation
called the Golden Section or PHI proportion and consequent
spiral. This template is the basis of the design of the Lord's
prophetic sign post and memorial called the Giza Pyramid,
which is also of course the communications center and home
of the Lord called New Jerusalem. For it is from HERE in
New Jerusalem that the Lord shall run the whole Universe. In
other words, this sub-board will connect  using these various
articles, how our brain design is templated with the Golden
Section. This placing our pineal and pituitary glands in
properplacement, and co-relation with the PHI Pyramid
structure. Its comprehensible and understandable from a
viewpoint of DESIGN, Mathematics, and Frequencies,

For together these articles proof the DESIGN of the Human
Brain and therefore again, prove that there is an ultimate
Follow the Series of Articles

      Brain, Glands, Pyramid, Pineal Gland Design, Elixir
( 6  Pages -composed of Postings from Christ Pro-Erotic Newsgroup )
Background - a proficiency and
understanding of PHI - Golden Section
Basics is needed

PHI Mysteries
Mystery Schools

Our Brains and Giza
Our Decisions are our Souls
Pineal Projection at Death
Pineal Projection to the Stars
PHI, 33, Speed of Light Co-relation
Elixir of Life
Pineal Gland, Sexuality, Melatonin, and Aging
Frequency Co-relation

33.33 Hertz Pineal Gland, and 111 Gateway
Absolute 33, sexual orgasm frequency
Why sex is spiritual

Earth Resonance
3 Spirals to 33 Hertz
33 Masonic Levels
7 Spinal Divisions,      
Chakras of Human Body of 33 spinal bones
Golden Section Design of Human Body
Pyramid and Brain Design Graphics

Pineal Star of David Graphics
Design by Designer

Creation not Evolution
Mathematical Proof of Design of Human Body
Mathematical Proof of Design of Solar System
Jesus is the Creator
Jesus is God
Human Brain Design