Giza, Baalbek, Ararat, Jerusalem Design
The design of geographic points contradicts evolutionary theory that everything is by luck and chance. By us, showing over
and over again that there is a design to different significant locations, we are disproving the insanity of randomness as dictated
by the false theory of evolution. A straight line co-relation between three points is mathematically impossible, let alone all those
points also being in geometric positioning with other geographic and historical locations.

So do your homework and see the DESIGN of the Creator in placing historically significant locations  throughout the world.
Its His World and His Design, and man did not accidentally built cities because of man's decisions but the important ones were
dictated by the Lord and His Design. Straight direct exact lines that connect up specific exact locations verify that
geography, history, and prophesy... ALL ..... are a product of design. And as you should know by now, design proves the
 So lets now lets add some more points of correspondences along some straight lines, which further substantiate these
truths. Giza or the Great Pyramid of Enoch, was set as a border, and as a central point.

Great Design
   Christian Egyptology

 A straight line at the 'Christos Angle' or passageway ascent angle of the Great Pyramid, goes exactly through the place of
the Saviour of the Universes' birthplace outside Bethlehem, and runs directly to the 'Crossing of the Jordan', where also
Jesus was baptised. This also being the exact location where we will have to cross the Jordan, as we retrace the '1st
Exodus' pathway, or Kings Highway going to Petra.

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Jesus, Christos Angle, Bethlehem
    Christos Angle and Petra

 This obviously meaning, us knowing the true history and design both spiritually and physically will help us in fulfilling the
future or prophetic directions we are to did our forefathers.

 So from Figure 1, of Giza, Baalbek and Ararat Graphics, do note that a line from Giza to Mount Ararat, where Noah
landed the ark, (for mankind's second chance) also passes through Baalbek, the archeological exact site where the biggest
stones in the world have been excavated and set up as a temple base.

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 This corresponding to the base of granite for Giza, and the base of Mount Ararat, all temples, in alignment. The
mathematical chances of this random alignment absolutely astronomical. Therefore only possible by design. Noah did not
land just anywhere but exactly where the Lord dictated Noah's Ark come to rest. Think about it. Then consider also that
it appears this angle from Giza is at the side slope virgin angle of 51.43 degrees, all the way through Baalbek and onward to
Mount Ararat. Does this give you more faith in the world wide flood.

Noah's Ark
   Timeline of seconds in prophetic time of Noah's ARK

Interesting, Yes !! And then when you consider that Mount Ararat might be a symbolic 'PHI pyramid', with its location
being the capstone of that pyramid, then the offset might be the infamous 6.5 degree offset of the Masons, of Washington,
of the Lord's DESIGN that makes 23.5 degrees extend to 30 degrees.

In other words, Jerusalem is not directly below Ararat, but offset perpendicularly to the side as is Jerusalem, Bethlehem,
and Petra set off to the below Ararat, and a north south longitudinal line. And where does Jerusalem seem to lie, right sat
the location of the Kings Chamber, in a cross sectional view of the Great Pyramid.
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 This is why the geometric power of the Golden Section or Phi was taught in the secret occult or 'Mystery Schools'. This
is why, this knowledge is important, and relates to the power of the Lord's Creation. The Kings Chamber is located within
at a specific angle and distance or ratio, as required by the Lords 'Sacred Geometry' and accordingly to our own human
body sacred design....and even the same design within our heads or '
Divine Brain'.

 Using your brain is using the power of the Lord, therefore use it wisely and confirm His Design and give Him credit for
what 'He has done'.