Geographic Design
  Nothing is by random chance, everything is by the DESIGN of the Lord. For He is the Creator, and designed all things
including geography. For not only did He create us, but also the Sun, Moon, Earth, but also the whole Universe ... including
all the Stars, Constellations, Galaxies and their movements and timing for us. For the Earth is a special place because Here is
where He was born, the ONE and ONLY SAVIOUR of the Universe. There is NO OTHER Creator or Saviour.

Earth is the Center of the Universe

Therefore knowing this principle, it makes it easier to comprehend and understand why all the points we cover, shall show
an exact alignment or angle between them. This is not by chance or luck but because alignment was necessary to bring the
physical into the spiritual realm, and give these special locations special powers.

This is mainly to do with the Sun, and our revolution around it, giving us our solar year, and the Moon and its revolution
around us HERE on Earth, giving us our lunar months for Hebrew Holy Days. This set originally at Genesis in the Beginning
Week of Creation, as His design of time... Past time is true history, present time is current events, and future time is
prophecy.... as not only are distances and speeds and the laws of physics determined by His ORIGINAL DESIGN but also
TIME. Time is by Design.

 So lets keep this principle in mind, as you might have already discovered one of the greatest Geographic straight lines that
connect up Giza, or the Great Pyramid also called Enoch's Pillar ... and thats the
Christos Angle Slope from Giza to outside of
Bethlehem where the King of Kings was born.

Jesus and Bethlehem Latitude and the Christos Angle
as well as Believe in 3168

  Therefore lets go further and draw this exact straight line to where it crosses the Jordan River, as that is the exact spot
where Jesus was baptized and where Joshua lead the 1st exodus into the Promised Land, and where we recross the Jordan
back along the
Kings Highway to Petra. Is this by chance exactness ?... NO, its by GEOGRAPHIC DESIGN.

If we look up the latitudes and longitudes then it can graphically be shown as below ....

 And for a further confirmation, go to Jame's website called the GREAT DESIGN for better graphics and evidences


Consequently from these exact patterns, we can definitely see that the Mid East has Design. From Giza, or the center of
mass of the Earth, upwards to Bethlehem via the Christos Angle where the Saviour of the Earth was born in the flesh and
where  was He baptized, and where we shall begin our downward journey back to Petra, before His 2nd Coming has a
straight line connection.

 Jerusalem where He was crucified and died, is due North of outside Bethlehem, and Nazareth where He lived is also due
North of His birthplace. So none of these places were at random but all according to an exact DESIGN of the DESIGNER
JESUS the Creator

More Design Maps below...