The Illuminati, dark side writers like Buvall, Stichin, Brown,
They write downright lies, or sugar coat them with some truths or half truths, but always resort back to
their evil premise that 'the gods' of the past built highly advanced societies that have disappeared. But its
a lie. They teach that these so called enlightened ones (the offspring of the mating of falling angels with
our dumb women), were knowledgeable and powerful. This meaning if readers side with them, the low self
esteemed readers can become powerful as well in accepting these 'shiny ones' as their leaders. Its a LIE.

Their platform stems from evolution indocrination, but seeing its supposed advances take billions of years
to advance our insanely gone wrong cultures, a better alternative is to speed up progress by accepting
these aliens, or gods from outer space or inner space, and yield to them in submission for the betterment
of mankind. These absolutely devoid but supposedly well researched ilk, take half truths from the blood
thirsty Mayans and Aztecs and their temple design given to them by fallen angels (stolen from the
heavenly courts of the Lord of Lords). They praise their mathematical calculations and astronomical
knowledge, even though it also was not done by these jungle natives but came from the Lord's truths

Almost all civilizations and evidence they claim to be theirs, from their multiple gods, even though these
multiple gods have a leaser and his name is Lucifer, the Devil or Satan. But they appeal to the wanted
independence and arrogancy that rules the lives of their readers who want power . Their power is evil,
their doctrine is from below and not above. It is not heaven but from HELL.

.Christians usually can not study in full because they get stopped in their studies by certain artificial
restrictions, especially when it comes to sexuality. They, usually, do not understand that sex and sexuality,
reproduction, magnification and empowerment are from the Lord rather than the dark side. Therefore
they are hindered from comprehending the deeper truths of the Lords truth. Or should I say the
relationship of the Bridegroom (Jesus) with His Bride (us).

They are afraid to see the below truths, let alone the spiritual sexual ones written in the sky

SEE Grail hidden records.

Yes, Pleaides seems to be the cup, or womb or female GRAIL

And Yes, the three pointing stars of the Coming Prince, do seem to be the mael member rather than a

And Yes, it is relfelcted or drawn symbolically in the stars and in sacred pillars worldwide.
Evil Authors of the Illuminati