Allow me to extrapolate times and dates onto my probable and possible End Time Scenario of Events. This using the birth date and death of the AC as well as the coinciding birth
and death dates of our End Time Witness. Sound complicated, its really not  !.... Sound far fetched and inconsequential... No  !, because prophecy is by Design of the Lord. For as
His birth and death were prophesied and fulfilled according to His TIMES, so shall the events and deaths of Our End Time King versus the evil End Time Anti-Christ King be fulfilled
exactly as scheduled.

  Since 2011, I have stated I believe Vladislav Surkov is the upcoming Russian President after Putin, who will negate all nationalistic powers worldwide and become the biblical
ANTICHRIST. His life being designed for his future destiny, from his experiences, education, parentage, place of birth, and of course his DATE OF BIRTH

His date of birth ...... September 21,  1964

  Does this raise any unusual flag or sign, Yes its on the FALL EQUINOX, and in some years is the dating for the Hebrew's Calendar called Rosh Hanan, or Head of the
Year.......A timing for a new start of a new year, culminating by a final wheat harvest. The last harvest of the year. This dating also being recognized as the probable START DATE of
Creation back in 4004 BC. Interesting, so maybe, prophecy gives him a complete cycle or a finishing date at the end of a complete year of life... Lets see and put it on our FALL
FESTIVAL of HOLY-DAY GRAPH. So lets see if SEPTEMBER 21st coincides on
The Covenant theoretically starts on September 21, 2018, this meaning Vladislav Surkov will be 61 years old on September 21, 2025. just finishing his SIXTY YEARS of LIFE. At
the time of the Great Consummation, which would be the Battle of Armageddon  (Daniel 9)

Seven Years from September 21 2018 to September 21, 2025.. SEE Graphics

Seemingly confirming if that is what happens But thats the DARK SIDE, when we really dont give a dam about their hellish rise to power but are much more interested in how long
before our LORD rescues us from this darkened world and the very dark RULER of this world. We want to know about the LIGHT SIDE, and the RIGHT SIDE. Our End Time
KING, if this parallel is correct, would be a discerning SIGN for us to determine when our appointed KING would have been born.

The WHEAT HARVEST is when in 2025.. August 10th 2025, And that is exactly 45 days before Sept 21, 2025 which fulfills the difference in harvests according to Daniel 12    
1335 days - 1290 days equals 45 days SEE BELOW....... What happens THEN, the grape harvest as spoken about by Revelation which is on Rosh Hashannah  ... the harvest of
the unsaved
                      End Time Leaders Births and Deaths
Cross Referenced with Prophetic Time Table of Harvests Calendar
SEPT 21st 2025
End Time
King David's
August 10th. 2025