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              Daniel 8: 13,14 .....Start of  Jewish Sacrifice

To understand the timing of the start of the Jewish priesthood’s start of sacrificing and oblation in the soon to be
built 3rd counterfeit Temple situated on the Temple Mount, we really have to consider the numbers of Dan 8:13-14 in
correlation with all the other numbers given by both Daniel and John, the Revelator....because they all have to fit
together. So let’s first look at Daniel 8 .......

13 Then I heard one saint speaking, and another saint said unto that certain saint which spake, How long shall be
the vision concerning the daily sacrifice, and the transgression of desolation, to give both the sanctuary and the host
to be trodden under foot?

(((From this, we can see that the start of the vision  is the start of the daily sacrifice. This has been suspended since the
Jews haven’t had a secure site nor Temple on which grounds to carry out their Old Testament rituals. But with the
signing of the Daniel 9 , religious and political “HOLY COVENANT� also referred to as the Peace Covenant,
the Jews have the security safeguards to protect their religious ceremonies on the Mount even if the Temple is not yet
completed, even if the daily sacrifice signals the start of construction. For whichever way it occurs, this open not
secretive “daily sacrifice� will be a monumental occurrence for all the Jews worldwide. The transgression of
desolation is something totally different as it starts with the placement of the abomination of desolation , also called
the “abomination that maketh desolate�, into the Holy Place or even into the Holy of Holies of the completed
Temple. This happens much later after the start of sacrificing as the A.C. stops this practice as he takes over Jerusalem
and the Temple for his worldwide religious headquarters. And its then that the False Prophet encourages the world to
worship this beastly A.C. by setting up a talking interactive image of the Beast inside the Temple, which is obviously
just an advanced voice activated computer system world-wide. (See
Daniel 11...Set Up of Abomination of Desolation
and Wrath)

With this Abomination of Desolation in place, it allows the A.C. through his Mark and through His ‘goyum’
police and military forces to have total control, hence allowing them ‘to give both the sanctuary and the host to be
trodden under foot?� For in this case the ‘sanctuary’ is the Temple which is polluted by His evil presence
and his words against the God of Gods (
JESUS) and we are the true host of the Lord,  that he tries to totally
annihilate, although he also destroys all the other hosts of people that might oppose his supposedly ‘righteous’

14 And he said unto me, Unto two thousand and three hundred days; and then shall the sanctuary be cleansed (((O.
K. so the end of this time frame is when the sanctuary gets cleansed, so when does this 3rd Jewish temple get cleansed
? Well this is somewhat debatable as some might say it gets cleansed when the Lord returns and resurrects the two End-
Time prophets from the steps or courtyard of the Temple. And when the whole world sees the Lord in the air, they all
weep for it is no longer a mystery, and they ALL know they have backed the Anti-Christ and Not the real Christ...
Jesus. Others might suggest that the Temple doesn’t get cleansed until the Battle of Armageddon 45 days later on
the fields of Meggido, about one hundred miles north-north east of Jerusalem. For it is here, that the A.C. and his
hordes get totally annihilated by the Lord and his descending saints, His Bride,  who ascended up to his Marriage
Supper. (Rev 19 SEE
Revelations Timeline)

But in my opinion, because of holy day correlation’s and other reasons, the time of cleansing would seem to me to
be when the Lord returns rather than when the Lord destroys them that have destroyed the Earth and tried to
completely obliterate His people. So let’s see the beautiful meshing of numbers if this is used for an ending, for as
the saint or angel said , the time period would be 2300 days.

But as we should realize the Last 7 Years (
Daniel 9) means approximately 365 times 7 or 2555 days. Or if we use a
year to represent 12 months times 30 as written in Revelations 12:6&14, then a year is 360 days and 7 Years is 2520
days. I prefer this number because if  we subtract 2300 days from this figure, we are left with 220 days. In other words,
220 days after the beginning of the Last Seven Years, the sacrificing should start on the Mount.

And if the Last Seven Years started with the ‘holy war’ that caused the Peace Covenant to be signed, then we
would use the significant holy day beginning for the Last Seven Years as probably RosHasanah This is significant
and important because counting 220 days into the future would bring us to May 7th or thereabouts, the day
apparently the 1st and 2nd Temples had their sacrificing start (see Apocalyptic Page on watcher.com).

And beautifully enough this would also mean that as Jesus said, our flight in the middle of the 7 years won’t be
winter but in the spring, and the A.C.’s false resurrection scenario would also happen then,  so he could further
deceive his goyum by coming back to life at Easter.

And further more 3 and a half years later at the end of the Tribulation would make the time passages match with the
appropriate early and late harvests as stated in Revelations. So that possibly the final Battle of Armageddon  could
take place on the very Day of Atonement, with the Lord atoning for our shed blood and all the shed blood of all Godâ
€™s people through-out the ages.

In my opinion and according to my interpretation of scriptures and times and seasons

In His Service

Jay (Jordan)
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